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Social media is revolutionising the way we interact. From status updates about your everyday life on Facebook to opinionated tweets to the corporate face of LinkedIn, everyone is becoming reliant on these websites when managing their social calendar. We’ve all heard the story of Mark Zuckerberg, the young billionaire, internet entrepreneur and founder of Facebook. We all saw how MySpace was crushed by the power of a better idea. But where will the next trillion-making internet invention come from and what will it be? What is the future for social media? Here are a few ideas…


First of all, media experts are predicting a further enhancement of the amount of information that will become available. More and more personal details will be exposed, and these will be used to enhance all social-media sites. And this won’t just be the knowledge that you use Muslim dating sites – it will go a lot further than this. Think of the Facebook places feature, and imagine if there was a site that tracked you wherever you were so that someone would know if you were busy before phoning you. This will transform the concept of privacy beyond any recognition.


Reviews and opinions are already everywhere on the internet. But it is likely that in the future you will have even more freedom to express your opinions. There will be an option to do this ad give ratings on virtually everything on the internet, and social media will continue to be very comment, review and debate heavy.


Social Media will also begin to change the way search engines such as Google operate. Twitter comments and other social-networking content will begin to appear on Google searches. Also, when searching, engines will access your social-media information and target the order of the search results to your interests rather than Google PageRank. This will make finding what you want a lot easier.


Information from social networks will also start to change the way we are marketed to. The use of social network information to advertise and direct people to their markets of interest is something we've already seen a lot of. But this will become even more advanced as we begin to reveal more information. Who knows - we could have soon have a Minority Report style of advertising where you are personally traced and targeted when you enter a shop.


Having so many different networking channels can be complicated and irritating. Some predict that sooner or later one social network will come along and replace all of the others, integrating all of our lines of communication. If this does not happen, there will definitely be more advanced ways to integrate all your different channels.

Whether, the dating social networks of or the corporate networksof LinkedIn, the social-media world is changing and changing fast. Who knows how much it might have developed in a few years time?
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