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Actually, blogging is not a new thing for me. Besides I blogged in my friendster account and other websites that I have joined before, but most of them, I have forgotten already. The knowledge I had ascertained in the past didn't guarantee that I am already into this environment again - "The World of Blogging". I still don't have the expertise but definitely I have the interest to continue this kind of habit I have, not just to express my thoughts through internet or even enhance my social aspect of my personality but rather earn some money here.

I know nowadays, blogging is already considered a way to have an income. And it was tested and proven by my friends who are also blogging. That's why through blogging, I had already embellished my skills in English grammar and communication and of course meeting new friends here.

It did not stopped here though. Nevertheless, it's just a beginning again of my journey in this vast world of blogging...And I am looking forward that I can contribute something in my blog that would truly help not just me, but also to people who are also in need.

Before I make a "dot" in my first post, I bequeath my heartfelt gratitude to
Fretz Villanueva, to his own little ways, he taught me some tips in blogging and encourage me to blog again! Thanks Fretz..
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  • good decision to start blogging!!! it's an exercise for the brain!!! hehe..planning to start one also, thanks for the influence jose!!!

  • Sure..You are very much welcome Venus!

  • I really admired your ideas.. i'm not as good as you but i also loved to expressed my ideas through writing.. God bless sa blog mo

  • When we are born we are issued with a life sentence.

    Now there are two ways that we can approach this. We can either treat our life as if we have been imprisoned into a set path of drudgery, restricted living and repetitive doldrums, or else we can treat it like writing a book.

    Yours and my book of life is made up of a whole collected group of sentences. And each of these sentences are denoted by punctuation such as commas, colons, semi-colons, the occasional exclamation mark, lots of question marks, hyphens, and the inevitable appearance of the full stop.

    And it is in this treatise that I particularly want to take a look at – the full stop as ‘the end’. But rather view a full stop as a ‘new beginning’.


  • Thanks Nang Tonette...Hope you still have time top dropped by in my blogsite..:D

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