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-My Havaianas-

Being trendy doesn't mean that you are rich, its somehow depends on how you handle of what you're wearing. But most probably, to those people who are in upper level who can afford everything they want are mostly having this kind of attitude, which is being updated to fashion. Price of course doesn’t matter for me but I am thankful to have this kind of fashion right here - "Havaianas slippers" given by my elder brother.

Talking about Havaianas slippers, it’s somehow a popular brand of slippers not just here in the Philippines but whole wide world. Yes! It costs much because of its high durability and style. I think a pair of Havaianas Slippers costs Php800 above here equivalent to a food budget in a week. But despite of its high price, still people are attracted into it, because it’s somewhat a trend nowadays.

It’s colorful and uniqueness on its style truly amazes me. It’s very soft to your feet and its very relaxing while you are walking or running though. Even though my Havaianas is quite fitting to my feet, yet I am glad that I own something like this. I really love my Havaianas.

I have it already for almost a year but sad to say, I lost it last Easter Sunday, 4th day of April 2010 in the beach. Thinking that my friends and I left our valuables in our bags including our cell phones couldn’t believe that the Havaianas slippers I owned will be lost. We were sure that the thief was a boy. Why? My friends who are girls on that time have also their Havaianas left on the shore, but all were there except mine. I felt depressed because that Havaianas had already traveled a lot to places I have gone like in my school in Talisay, or even in Laguna wherein I have my 1-month training in Toyota Autoparts Phils. Inc. I already considered it a treasure of mine, a thing that has its sentimental value in my life.

But, what’s funny about this incident was when I saw a pair of slippers on the shore with no person on the beach owning it. I am thinking, that it might be the thief left it in exchange of my Havaianas or somehow a part of their Modus Operandi in order for me not to go home barefooted.

I know I lost something, and I will surely miss my Havaianas!
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  • Until now, i still don't have a pair of Havaianas!!! poor me!!! hahah..Though i like to have one but i still don't feel the need to buy a pair and spend my earned money for just a pair of still waiting for someone to give me though..hahaha..

    anyways, the story is funny..poor havaianas of yours Jose, net they are crying right now looking for the real owner..hahaha

  • hahaha..yeah! I agree..Haaizxt

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