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Yesterday was already a history that really marked all of us Filipinos for the very first Automated Electoral System here in the Philippines. A lot of rumors were spreading that due to lack of knowledge and awareness about this new system, a lot of votes will be rejected. I know the Commission of Elections have done their job well in implementing this new electoral system through the help of media, but as human as we are, we committed mistakes due to our carelessness.

Just yesterday, at around 11 a.m. when I was still in the line for voting, I met this adult woman who just went outside from the precinct and had her child at my back (a voter too) said that her vote was not counted (PCOS Machine had rejected her ballot) due to accidentally putting an undistinguished mark on her ballot. On that time, I thought that this voting process is somehow challenging even its just a matter of shading knowing " STRICTLY one ballot per voter and another one will not be issued in case there's a mistake". And its really my first time to see a real Precinct Count Optical Scan Machine when I entered the precinct, for I haven't attended any seminar or orientation regarding the proper voting because I am bit confident that I can gain it through a research or reading articles in the internet. And I guess I am right, for my vote has been successfully counted by the PCOS Machine. But before I went to the voting area, I saw those rejected ballots, and I am thinking maybe these ballots will be counted manually after all people have finished voting. (just a hypothesis). 

That night, as I am excited to know the result of the voting process, I went right away to the different precincts in our barangay. When I arrived, I immediately look for the election results which were taped outside the room and have found out that in our barangay, NOYMAR tandem got the highest votes against their opponents. I also witnessed a teacher who tore up the unmarked, unshaded or unused ballots that were supposedly for those voters who haven't voted for this election. After that, I met this watcher who is a friend of mine and we have a talk for a few minutes. I  interrogated him about the rejected ballots (meaning those ballots that were not accepted by the PCOS Machine) that if its still be counted on the final counting before transmitting it to the COMELEC. He just answered me "A big NO!". Well probably, I doubt if its true, because if that so, then I feel pity to those voters who really sacrificed their time and effort in voting then in the end their votes will just be neglected by the PCOS Machine.

Since I am not yet convinced by the answer of my friend, I researched it through the internet and have found this news, that says that the Commission of Elections has rejected Thursday the proposed parallel manual count this May 10 elections. I don't know if it connects what I hesitate to know about the rejected ballots, if its still be counted, but it seems sounds like yes, because only those ballots accepted by the PCOS Machine will be printed out and will be transmitted to the COMELEC for the final counting. (correct me if I'm wrong!)
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  • yeah, we should have been very careful in shading those ballots..and i also hope that those rejected ballots would also be counted, because, just like what you said, people sacrifice just to vote, and most of them really don't want those to go to waste..
    this is a great post to read.. :D

    take care and God bless! :)

  • @NIce: Thanks for the "appreciation"

  • The hardest part was waiting in a super long line and easiest part is to vote. Took only minutes if you're prepared 8D

    Naku~ sayang naman yung rejected ballots lalo na kung damukal ka tagal ang pinila mo -.-

  • Wow. Voting is really hard D: Aren't you nervous that your ballot might get rejected? Lol.

  • Hopefully those rejected ballots will be counted manually as well, pero siguro kasalanan na rin nila yun, ang dami nang paalala kung paano ingatan at ang tamang pag-shade eh. :)

  • as far as i heard ang daming rejected ballots...but anywayz whoever will win lets just respect them.

  • @Xian: Oo nga, sayang tlga..

    @kim: Nervous ako nung una, pero pag fed up and counted vote ko, hoooooooh! worth lahat ng pagod ko!

    @paola: Oo nga..I agree, pero feel pity to those senior citizens..

    @melody: Oo I am happy leading candidate ko! naks naman

    PS. Who among you here, na alam kung imanual counted ba ang mga rejected ballots?

  • Yeah right. Here in our town also, I've heard that there were some ballots rejected. But there's a bigger problem than that, many PCOS machines malfunctioned during the election day. There's even 1 precinct wherein the memory card did not functioned and so some ballots were not able to be counted and Election Returns were not printed. As of yesterday, 05-11-2010 there were still Election Returns that needs to be printed. Together with other PPCRV volunteers, we were waiting for other ER to be printed 'cause we are given a copy too.

    Hope that all the ballots will be counted already using PCOS machines.

  • senxa na tol ngayon lang nakabisita. pagod kasi e. volunteer! ang alam ko hindi na talaga bibilangin yung mga rejected ballot pero may tally sila kung ilan yun. then kung sakaling yung bilang nun ay makakaapekto sa result e baka bilangin yun. pero kung hindi naman e malamang na hindi na nga. sa palagay ko lang. hehehe

  • Some of the Polling precinct in our country especially in Mindanao are are also called as 'Hotspot' in the first automated election. Because some political group are trying to take advantage and from their political will are inclined desperate in evil deeds. But aside from these violent action we should be vigilant and be an eye of our nation.

  • @Iway: Yes I am praying for that though, but indeed this year's elections is far better than past elections.

    @Engr: Two thumbs up! Volunteer u pla, ok lang un! :)

    @Navinuz: Yes I do agree.. Lets just be vigilant! :)

  • Yan yung isa sa glitch ng automated election. Di talaga maiiwasan na magkaroon ng mga incidents na tulad ng ganyan - yung nire-reject yung mga ballots. Sayang lang yung oras na pinila nya sa precinct tapos di pala babasahin yung balota nya.. tsk tsk tsk. Sana by next election, ay hindi ganito ang mangyari.

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