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It has been said that health is wealth which I strongly agree. However, with the rise of technology nowadays we can’t even make sure if the gadgets we use to think will help us and make our work at ease will also harm us silently.

Yes, I am talking to mobile phones and computers which I know if we’ll be overexposed will cause cancer, an illness that may lead to death if not treat immediately. However, we have this cancer info that will help a person knows about cancer. It actually talks about ways to fight cancer through building a strong immune system, which we can get from healthy foods like herbs and fruits and vegetable rich with vitamins. Other than that, you will also be updated by different news about this disease.

Indeed, we people need proper awareness about this certain disease for us to stay healthy and maintain a healthy environment.
2 Responses to “Let us Fight Cancer Hand in Hand for A Healthy Environment”:
  • more cruciferous vegetables (green leafy vegetables) on our diet to avoid cancer. ^_^

  • Yea, fruits and vegetables are very important. But, now-a-days, due to overuse of chemical pesticides and insecticides, food we eat is also unsafe. Until we promote organic agriculture, our health always remains in big risk.

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