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Summer is what I look forward. Its the perfect time I can enjoy and have fun with my friends. In fact its the time to relax from all those busy schedules in class and appointments. With the extreme heat absorbed by my brownish-colored skin, I feel the primal impetus to ensue to the beach every summer. I don't quite discern why I need to spend a day but I do, and to this day I get a real escape and rest for gaiety.

Beach is one of the place capable of expediting my senses into inundate. Its one of my favorite places where nothing matters but what's in that little juncture. A place I've never get tired of gazing the blue beach horizon looking for pump boats dissipate in a distance. Its the place wherein I can sit in the sparkling, dusty, white sand and thinking for something. The great number of astonishing apprehensions make me appreciate God's creations

April 04, 2010 - Easter Sunday, the day when I am with my high school classmates a.k.a. Bodjackerz Council for a beach escapade at Ermita, Sipaway Island. Its really amusing being with them knowing we're all unprepared for that unexpected event. Guess what? We just planned on that day! And yeah, we are already immune doing that so, because for the last bonding experiences, we had it spontaneously over!

On that day I have tasted my ever missed "pusô" (cooked rice wrapped in coconut leaves) with our viands such as embutido, lumpia, and chickenjoy. We ate it with just our hands, lucky to those who have "baon" in their Tupperware, and of course who have eating utensils. But most probably, I am just so fun drinking softdrinks using the ice cream cups we bought. Yeah its totally true! ..

Have a fleeting look on some of the pictures we've taken last Easter Sunday...

Ermita Beach Resort, Sipaway Island is seemed just like any beach you can see everywhere. With its white and very fine sand which is almost like dust causes no pain when it strikes to your skin. The sight of the beautiful clear sea, frolicking waves going towards you is such a beautiful view. The feel of the sand beneath your feet is so cool. Indeed, this wonderful luxurious beach of Ermita truly caught our attention. That's why we went home happily together with my high school classmates. Its another memorable beach experience that bonds the true spirit of a Bodjacker!

Although to some people the sizzling heat, viscous sand and incessant baths of sunscreen may seem like a deterrent, to me its just part of the experience; it’s a convivial day at the beach.

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  • good start for the summer huh..enjoy pa habang wala pang pasukan ^^ masaya summer with family and friends...ayun ayos... ^^ more! more! hehe

    first akong nagcomment, yey!! hehe ^^

  • LOLs, next time na naman! Actually I amhaving my training here pa! Nakaw lang me oras to have anew post in my blog. Actually I started to blog just 2 weeks ago, DOnt have that expertise yet! But looking forward to learn more about blogsphere!

  • wag mo na abalahin ung ibang hop ka lang ng blog hop..u can start off from my BLOG ROLL...just click links there...say hi to in their tagboard....find some good reads to go through..some photos to lang...and then ask them for link that way you'll get traffic... ^^ as for now, ako ang iyong unang fan hehe...unang blogmate... tsaka reg ka na rin sa ^^ just go through the instructions.. ^^

  • I LOVE YOU FOR WRITING SUCH AN AWESOME ARTICLE ABOUT OUR ESCAPADE!! hahaa. pen, nice kau pag edit ang pic. hahaha.

    - JLO

  • Jlo, thanks for the appreciation :) Super..Thanks pag upload sa imo fb! Woaaah..again thanks!

  • Sure Sendo, I will do that, but about Nuffnang, I doubt!

  • Looks like fun!

  • Yes bruh, Im really having fun on that time

  • cause pain uy... sunburn sa skin..

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