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Do you still remember what is an ANAGRAM

When we say an anagram, its a type of word play, which is the result of changing the order of the letters of a word or phrase using all the original letters. Actually, its not really new to us. In fact we took up this whole thing way back in high school and elementary years under our English Subjects. 

What happens if we rearrange the letters of the following words? Lets see...

DORMITORY - dirty room

DESPERATION - a rope ends it

THE EYES - they see

ASTRONOMER - moon starer

MOTHER-IN-LAW - woman hitler

ELEVEN PLUS TWO- twelve plus one

ELECTION RESULTS - lies, lets recount. 

Upon reading the examples above, I was antagonized with the last anagram example and came to think many times. It has something to do or something to ponder, since Philippine National and Local Elections are now fast approaching, approximately 5,760 minutes to go. I am afraid, since I am first voter, I really don't want that my vote will be just a "waste" if ever lies and cheats reign. I am hoping and praying that this coming May 10, an honest and clean election will happen. For election is the right time to let our voices be heard and be counted. A time to wake up and put a dot to corruption which indeed one of the roots of having unstable economy.

Anagrams are somehow true, but definitely its really on us on how we play and look deeply on the words to provide our own conclusion about it. All in all its just a matter of coincidence!
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  • wow! this is cool!

    yeah, i hope so too that the elections would be clean and honest.. :D

  • I can still remember this.
    Esp. the election part. :D

  • nice post..
    *ELECTION RESULTS - lies, let's recount*
    voter kna?
    G1BO boto mo ha..ehe

  • Love this post! :D

    kagulat nga ung last anagram! and as may 10 is getting nearer and nearer we should keep guard. i dunno how exactly though... but we should. sayang ang kinabukasan.

  • I like this post a lot! Let's go forward to choose the right one who is deserving to serve us through thick and thin. I hope it's not all "lies and worst" that is possible to lead us to poverty, crimes, corruption, and etc. Therefore, let us pray for the better outcome of this May 2010 election.

  • @NIce: I am hoping too! :)
    @eymi: Yeah, just search it in the internet :)
    @Happy dreamer: Yes Im a voter, a first time voter! I cant say, hus my pres, maybe tomorrow, magpost ako ng logo sa blogsite ko!
    @Phoebe: Tama ka dyan! Thats why I hope and pray, na walang dayaan! I know its impossible..Hahah!
    @Doll: I am too Doll! Kaya nga be vigilant! naks naman :)

  • hello, nice post :), I hope that the Elections would be Clean and Honest, I really love your anagrams, hehhe soo awesome :)

  • ahahhah...ganun ba yun..nice post

  • @Sparcle & Melody: Thanks for the appreciation! ^^

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