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Nowadays, I keep on receiving these text messages in my phone saying:

Sorry ha, just needed. Pass this to 25 persons: God I LOVE YOU! If you ignore this and you're unlimited, you will suffer for 8 years. So just do it! After 5 days, 30 miracles will come to you

"Jesus Died For Our Salvation", send this message to 29 people, you will get good news tomorrow. If you delete it, bad luck for 12 years. Please sacrifice.

Lord, thank you for this great day! I love you and I need you to come into my heart. Do bless me, my family, my home, my work and my friends. Something good will happen to you at 4:00 in the afternoon tomorrow, something you have been waiting to hear. This is not a joke. Someone will call you by phone or will speak to you about something that you were to have. Do not break this prayer. Send this to a minimum of 10 persons. 

Jesus Enlightened to Save Us from Sin. Pass this to 15 people except me. Two wishes will be granted. Please don't snob, five bad lucks will come.

Read slowly: Señor NAZARENO, we welcome you in our heart. I love you and I need you. Please clean my heart with your blood. Make a wish and send this to 9 special people. You will see miracle after. Please do sacrifice as he sacrifice for you.

Now, may I ask you. Have you experience too receiving these messages in your phone? If you do, have you fulfilled your task through sending it to the number of people? Then, are you now enjoying the said "luck" you will get after you send the message?

With these messages mentioned, actually I came to a point that these are not just ordinary messages but these are what we call "chain messages". When we say chain messages, are those messages undertake to instigate the recipient to pass the message to as many recipients as possible. The most common method used is to threaten the recipient with bad luck or even physical violence or death if he or she breaks the chain and demurs to comply to the conditions set in the message. In fact, after receiving these messages, I asked myself, do I need to forward these text messages to prove that I believe in God?

What's really wrong on the above-mentioned chain messages is they're using God's name in vain in a way that it promises that a miracle or what we called "luck" will happen if they send the message and bequeaths a foreboding if ever failed to share the message. The said commandment is in Exodus 20:7 and says "You should not take the name of the Lord your God in vain for the Lord will not leave him unpunished who takes His name in vain." So meaning, its a sin! For me, I didn't know God is into modern technology now. I don't pass along those messages, instead I ignore it and delete it immediately unless its a verse from the Bible written in a correct way.

So, before I will end this post, these forward text messages we got are not even biblical. Thus, don't let these "wastes" be confused with God's calling. Seriously, do not waste your time, energy or even money on something that is not benign and bashes of superstitions.
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  • Yah! If someone believes in those things, they're all atheists!

    @jhiegzh: Please read this post. I am hoping for your support.

  • im not reading chain messages, i am deleting it immediately...

  • @ENgr.Kemm.coe: Thanks for the site..Lets see soon! But I am looking forward too to register on that site! Felt sad they dont accept yahoo email address which is the usual address I often used!

    @Clickmarbin: Yeah, same here! Thanks for dropping by!

    @Monggos: Thanks Fretz! hehehe..Thanks for the appreciation!

  • keep on ignoring them.

  • I also had an experience like that before... ang ginagawa ko is ignore and delete haha. Wala akong time para magbasa ng mga ganyan. Since naniniwala naman ako kay God, di ko na kailangan ng mga chain letters na tulad nyan XD

    Sayang lang ang oras at load ng mga taong mahilig magpakalat ng mga ganyan.

  • hands down.
    so true

    Ako din mismo ay nakakarecieve ng mga ganyan at naiirita ako. Dati I believe those pero not now

    If you believe in GOD, there's no need to worry

  • yep, i experienced receiving these messages, a lot of them! and i never pass it along to people, since i never subscribe to unlitxt..haha..i keep on wondering anyway that these things are true or not, so because of that, i don't delete it immediately.. :/ but when i had read your post now, i realized that those things aren't even true at all, and that i should delete them immediately next time.. :D

    this is really a great post! i learned a lot from it! and oh, i should really try to read the Bible next time..haha.. :)) thanks so much for posting this!

    take care and may God bless us always! :D

  • @Mjomesa: Yeah I totally agree! I delete all of them already pero sa ngayon d muna, kaya natype ko lahat ung 5 sa taas na texts..hahaha

    @Fiel Kun: Oo nga tol! senseless!..Kung may faith ka sa KANYA, wla yang mga chain message, ndi yan tatalab!

    @Renz: Yeah! no worries at all!

    @Nice: Woaah, thanks for appreciating my new post! Yeah, a lot of things in this world are somehow tempting you to do it, but in the end, its in you naman ah! Basta, I am thankful you find it informative, because that's really my goal why I have a blog like this! :)

  • naku totoo to, and hindi ko to finoforward kahit ndi mo un iforward si God anjan parin for us

  • na ka experience din aq ng ganyan, pero d naman totoo talaga yung mga ganyan diba, delete lng ang ginagawa q dyan haha..

  • i don't even read them all the way through. haha!

  • maraming beses na rin akong nakatanggap ng mga text na medyo katulad rin ng text sa iyo..pero kapag unlimited text ako ay send ako sa ilan kong kaibigan..bahala sila kung iforward din nila sa iba pa,hehe..unlimited text naman kaya okey lang..

  • nakakareceive din ako nito. actually may post din ako tulad nito dati eh. HAHA

    ang pinakaayaw ko sa lahat ay yung nagsasabi na nanalo daw ako sa contest, eh di naman ako sumasali. =))

  • I don't read chain messages. Any kind of chain messages even though it's like that. I can prove to anyone that I love God without sending stuffs like that and yea you're right, it's using God's name in vain.

  • got few similiar ones ! and i never put attention to them. But my niece got one, and she was so afraid as it said something would be happened to her mom if she didnt forward it 15 times. So i told her to forward it to me, 15 x, lol

    Btw, just followed your blog (my name is written ad "Destya77" there), so follow me back please ? thanks

  • @Rose: Yes God is always on us ah!
    @Sparcle and chikletz: Yeah, same here..
    @Arvin: Ako ndi tol, sayang battery ng cp ko..Hahaha:)
    @kolmster: oo ako din! saying na nanalo ka sa contests knowing d ka sumali! Ah I see...Love to read your post about this? ano archive? month?
    @KIm: I agree to you Kim, kya nga in vain title ng post na 'to :)

  • i keep on ignoring them!!!!!!! delete agad...asar....minsan sa sobrang asar ko bigla akong nag umpisa ng isang text message sinabi ko "IF YOU DONT PASS THIS TO 200 PEOPLE WITHIN 1 MINUTE, YOUR FATHER, MOTHER, AND EVERYONE ELSE YOU KNOW WILL DIE"

    bwahahaha...kahit san na facebook, friendster, nakakaasar! haha....kaya delete ako agad pag me nababasa akong cue ng isang chain message hahaha...

  • @Sendo: Same here, grabe naman ung ikaw naman gumawa..Kakatakot..Lols, sounds impossible na! :)

  • Even teachers do believe on this chain messages... I tried to ask them why, but they can't answer me... Wew.. ganun din ako, delete agad... as if naman binabayaran na ang Diyos ngayon...

  • @Sasarai: Yeah!. Thanks for the appreciationof my posts! ^^

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