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Approximately 172,800 seconds to go, before the biggest event in the Philippines this year - The Philippine National and Local Elections 2010. This is the very first automated election system in the country. When we say Automated Election System, its a system that uses congruous technology to accomplish and help the different election tasks such as voting, counting, canvassing and other electoral process. Thus, we really need to be literate and be updated to this kind of electoral system in order for our votes to be counted. Why? Because this system really needs proper knowledge knowing its sensitivity. 

I strongly agree to this kind of electoral system, for it is a computerized voting. So it is more benevolent and faster voting system compared to the past elections. So therefore, it indulges shrewd way for voting with less altercations. As a first voter I cannot draw out the voting process and lined up in a crowd because the voting process is through shading the oval corresponds to the candidates of my choice unlike in past elections that you really need to write the name of the candidates. In fact you can have the tally immediately, rather to count votes by hand.

If you still don't know how to vote in an automated election then here are some steps to be followed:
  1. Before you go to your assigned precinct, make sure you bring your Voter's ID or any valid IDs for identity verification. (Note: It will be easy if you also bring a small piece of paper containing all the candidates of your choice to avoid "over voting".)
  2. Upon arriving in your assigned precinct, check your name at the Posted Computerized Voters' List. Present yourself to the Board of Election Inspectors and listen for further instructions. Get your official ballot afterwards, make sure you received an empty and unmarked on both sides ballot. 
  3. Proceed to voting area and fill up the ballot. The oval must be shaded completely using the marking pen (Note: The technique to shade the oval completely and to avoid markings outside the oval is to begin shading from the center and slowly shade the whole oval.). Do not over-vote because this will invalidate your vote/s for the position. (Take your time here)
  4. Bring your ballot and feed it to the Precinct Count Optical Scan (PCOS Machine). Wait for the confirmation message that will flash on the screen. In case the ballot is not accepted by the machine, consult for Board of Elections Inspector to allow for another re-entry, but if rejected again, the voter will not be issued for replacement ballot. So be careful on  step no. 4, for sometimes it will leads your vote into a "waste".
  5. Lastly, go to the Board of Election Inspectors for indelible inking and thumbmark.
You don't need to memorize all the steps but rather familiarize them all. To know more and be clarified about the steps you can feel free to click here.

Since this is an automated election, have you been already accustomed on using the PCOS Machine as what I have mentioned on the 4th step above? If not, PCOS Machine is the machine that will be use to count our votes. So far, this is the machine used officially by the Commission of Elections to know the electoral results. As I am busy researching a video on youtube, I came up to this video that shows the instructions on using the Precinct Count Optical Scan Machine. So let the video explains it all. 

So again, after watching the video, can we rely our votes to the PCOS Machine?

I am really hoping, that in my own little way I able to bequeath something what we called "help" to those voters who aren't yet familiar with our new voting system. This coming election, let set our votes to those candidate/s that we deemed that they can do something "better" for our country. I guess, lets now have what we called "change", a change that will bring us all Filipinos from worst to better. Since this is automated election, we really need and support for more humongous security to the machines, because it comes greater despondency among cheaters who are trying to sabotage the whole election process. So let us all be vigilant and cooperate for a clean and honest election! May the best leader wins!
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