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"I am not a perfect son but I have the best Mom in the world." Mother's Day is already around the corner. So I would just like to dedicate this post to all the mothers all over the globe specially to my Mama Lita. Without them we're not here in this world. In fact they are the one who mold us into the person we are right now and whose heart dearly loves us for everything we are.

Mother's Day is the day when children like us must have what we called the "acknowledgment" to our beloved mothers through endowing gifts, dedication cards or even hugs and kisses as a sign of love to them. In that way, we are able to give thanks to the deeds and works she done to us.

In my own case, even sometimes I become a lazy son to my mother, still she loves and understands me and I can feel it no matter what I do. Way back when I was still in elementary and high school years, my mother really gave an alluring support to me to all the activities I have joined even until now in my college years. To you Ma, thank you so much from the bottom of my heart.

I know, being a mother is not really an easy job. They sometimes sacrificed for the happiness of their children.  With their unchanging, patient and never fade love they've shown to us, our mother's love will truly aid us in our weakest hours. Even how to stupid we are sometimes, the love and the understanding still reigns in their hearts, and that's the great thing about them. Our mothers are also our motivators, only one, tender loving, heartful, responsible being that no one can afford to buy. Indeed they are our priceless treasure here on earth.

As a son, I truly believe in "Love at first sight" because I have been loving my mother ever since I opened my eyes. 
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