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I can never have this what we called happiness which I felt right now, the smile I painted on my face and the new friends I've met in my university without this scholarship Ive' got. Indeed I've considered this as a blessing from God above. I am proud that my prayer was answered, because if I haven't passed this scholarship, I can't continue my college studies. In fact, I am already a scholar in our city, but need to apply again another scholarship to make all my college studies free plus allowances every month. My real intention why I did this, its because I really want to pursue my studies and of course to help my family to be free from any financial problems if ever I will be going to college.

And YES! God is really good to me and I will be forever thankful for His blessings. It seems August is now fast approaching, the month I have been waiting for so long - my "graduation" hopefully. Through this post I will surely extend my heartfelt gratitude to Ms. Ver and Ms Gina Pareño, and the Provincial Government of Negros Occidental for giving me this opportunity to be one of those hundreds of scholars chosen all throughout Negros province. And I am really proud to say that I am once a District Educational Scholarship grantee! 
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