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Last night as I am about to sleep, I am thinking of a lot of things in my life today specially my fears. I don't know why? What shocked me, was when I cogitated for a snake. I questioned myself. why snake? For a lot of memories in my past which were more formidable compared to a reptile. I've accepted that I got Ophidiophobia, the fear of snakes. But one thing, I have reminisced about this reptile was the story told by a friend of mine in the past which has a connection to what we called "reality". When we say reality, it is happening until today. Actually I have already translated the story, and to all who are not yet familiar with this, here it goes...

The story started when there was a snake got into a shop which sold different kinds of knives. It begun licking the knives one by one. Very soon, the knives were bathed by blood, and being cruel by nature, the snake licked harder and harder, quite glad that it was not hurting the knives. Little did the foolish snake knew that it was its own tongue that was bleeding. After quite some time, the snake felt tired and faint already and before it knew what was happening, it felt down unconscious.

Lesson: If we rejoice in harming others, we may end up harming ourselves.
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