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Am I too late writing a post about Jejemon? Regardless, I am not new about this "Jejemon" thing. In fact, this issue was already propagating through media way back few weeks or month ago. Actually I am really planning to scribble a post about this, but I was hesitated when I saw and read different blog sites or even websites having this "hot" topic contain divergent interpretations of words and sentences but the same thought which are in contrary to this group of people. But last night I received a jejetext message from a high school classmate which somehow urged me to have this post.

Jejemons nowadays are proliferating in reality as well in social networking sites. I concede that I once got peeved to them because I thought they are nothing but impurities that desecrates our own language. That's why what I expect from them is that they know the proper time to use it and not to use it because sometimes its annoying to read jejetexts. As one of the site defines that Jejemon is somebody who has not educated with language secrecy and pretends to know or used it with their idea or decree. And another is an individual that is believed with a very low Intelligence Quotient (IQ). I respect his definition for he has his point but I stand that these were wrong speculations about Jejemons. Why? Because I have noticed that because of their existence, we become more au courant of our syntax, grammar or even words' spelling. Thus, it increased our self-awareness about these things. This is how I saw and interpreted them so I never contemplated that Jejemons are incoherent for I can guarantee based on my friends who are also doing this. They actually knew the correct spelling of the words they have texted or typed such as "gr33tngs" from greetings, "cla" from sila and whatsoever but they just want to extricates from the boundaries of a limiting language either Tagalog or English thats why changing words' spelling bestow jejemon written word, a new expression.

Anyway, I am certainly NOT tolerating JEJEMONS because for an instance excessively reading about Jejemon spectacle is ridiculous, causing laughter because of absurdity, that's why I prefer to ignore and delete them immediately whenever I encounter them. Agree or disagree about the Jejemon's rising fever still they have their own lives. One thing I have realized is that we really have the right to disagree or discard jejetexts from Jejemons but its not considered a way to allege yourself being deluxe just because you don't entertain these things or purely opposing their sentiments.
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  • i always laugh at jejemons :P

  • weh. JEJEMONS. haha. i LoVe PlAyInG JeJeMoN iN TeXt. hehe. PEACE. is it allow here ? that's a great info about them since i really don't know about them. but ey. jejemons didn't do anything to us kaya bahala sila jan. hehe XP

  • @Myx: Naks, ako naiiritate minsan pero they fun naman ah!

    @Jhen: Of course me either nagjeje din ako minsan pero not in a way exag na pati spelling iibahin!

  • hmm..people just hate jejemons because they're annoying..haha.. :D that's a good point of view of yours! :D

  • Doesnt DepEd discourage this?aha...

    literature is falling down deep these days.

    Kill all JEJEMONS!

  • ahaha! jejemon.. na uso na talaga yan.. :(

  • may bago na daw eh..


    Lols. :))

  • @NIce: Theyre irritating but love to read their message though!

    @Nick: It depend though because somehow its on us if we'll gonna entertain this thing!

    @Claum: Harharmon, or herhermon! NAksfriend ko cya! Naks naman updated!

    @Dal: Uu nga pero ok lang!

  • Usually, I ignore the Jejemon Style of writing, but still, I do my best to read it accurately. It's not bad to discard them, but hey! Give them respect as to how they want to express themselves though nantitrip lang sila o hindi. We're not judges to judge them, Let's do our best to improve our language more. That's one way to get revenge against Jejebet.

    Supposedly, Jejebusters shouldn't hate Jejemons. Hate is such a strong word. Instead of hating them, let's hate the language! :)

  • i respect those people who loves jejemon, but im super against it :D it irritates me whenever i received a jejetext, nawawalan ako ng gana magreply. keke. and ang hirap basahin minsan. tsk.

  • ang hindi marunong magmahal ng sariling wika



    Jejemon! :) haha ang hrap bshn ng messages nla grabe

  • grabe tlga to! hahaha may jejebuster naman eh! hahah un iba may jejecaps and jejeshades pa..usong uso tlga..kht san mrrinig mo hahaha

  • hi just droppin by.. i don't have anything against "jejemons" pero kpg bnsa mo mga txt nila annoying eh.. u can play with word LiKe ThIs kasi gNgwA kO RiN YaN pero d ko gusto when they change d letters into numbers skit sa ulo.. iba n tlga kabataan ngyon.. :p

  • @Juls: Well, for me I really don't have time to read their messages!! Juls, I am very grateful the way you acculturate Jejemons, but as what I have said they have their own lives as well. I think its unprejudiced enough that someone has to articulate for them knowing they already have their impetus into media...I strongly disagree your point that we should hate the language instead of hating jejemons. Why? I remember a quote that says: "Fear not the WEAPON, but the hand who wields it.". Make sense! ^^

    But I respect your idea too!..Nice one Juls! Musta?

  • @Cheen: I respect them as well!

    @Rose: Oo ngA! Ikaw, they're getting populat!

    @Khekz: Actually we have little jejemon in us. Don't deny it because I am too here, but most probably why can't we just let them be?! Lets not entertain them if they're not changing! ^^

  • well well what can I say about jejemons?!

    they're irritating not because I'm "jealous" of their "cute" way in texting/typing but because of murdering not just the English language but Tagalog as well.

  • jejemons. im frankly sick of all the attention they're getting, they've been around for years and years and suddenly everyone's talking about them. *sigh*

    i don't really mind jejemons. to each his own, i say. i'm just sick of the media making such a spectacle of jejemons.

  • @EM: Yeah indeed!

    @Aryan: Uu nga nangialam na tlga ang media even ang DepEd

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