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Updating 12 blog sites in a row is not a joke. For sure, it acquires patience, determination and willingness in one's self to accomplish these things triumphantly. Being optimistic matters as well. Since I am newbie in the blogosphere, this is really my first time to know a person with her own little ways have managed all those blogs. I salute LIZ for a job well done!

However, I am grateful to have this given opportunity by her in embracing back her blog: "Bloguardian Hellsite: Overcashed" reunited with  M3o. I have just fabricated a spirit of foresight ahead for a well-maintained blogs as well an amiable blog owner behind all of these. Anyway, lets again welcome back her blog with full of excitement and energy in ourselves. 

By the way, this is my answer for the "best part" content of BHO is Back! Time To Party! blog post interrogating:

Now that BHO is back, should I migrate it to WordPress while it is up? Why or Why not? This means I have to change domain as well, what will I do to BHO's PR4?
Anyway I prefer you to go for your self-hosted WordPress blog because it bequeaths you the sense of proprietorship. Self-hosting is always the best because you can do anything with it, you can control over everything (e.g. the flagging problem encountered in Blogger can't be done on your own web host) and its more powerful. Yes! I love the Blogger platform with its simplicity and clarity and of course its FREE but somehow WP has some attractions that Blogger can't match like uploading filesize which in Blogger has its limits. I know Blogger is simpler to use too specially in my case because I admit I still don't have that enough knowledge in tweaking HTML and CSS codes, that's why I entrust blog tutorials for adding widgets and customizing my template but in your case I think you already mastered it as proof for your 12 blog sites (shown below) so it will do you good to use WP to its full aptitude. 
About your BHO's PR4 you can still have it. All you got to do is to move all your posts or just pick those sensible entries for the new BHO WordPress with the aid of an importing tool. And left here is your BHO's blogger empty, which you can still manage through changing its title or category depending of what you want. In fact you can make this as your "for reviews" blog wherein its contents are exclusively for paid tasks alternate with your new category you have decided for this blog. I stand that having Page Rank 4 is already a big thing or even an achievement for other bloggers like me, thats why never junk this blog in fact I can see you got a lot of advertisements here, so it somehow helped you financially in little ways.

So at this juncture:
Let us all spread the word! 
Come, join the welcome party! It's raining champagne and DOLLARS now!
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