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I haven't watched the American Idol FINALE last night because I was still in the office on that time. But I was updated by their performances through YouTube. I can see that Lee Dewyze and Crystal Bowersox unleashed what they've got to impress America on their talents.

But anyway, America had just decided and its favor on Lee Dewyze's side, the New American Idol Season 9. I never got disappointed to the said result even I am hoping for Mama Sox to win. Why? Its because from the very start of this season, I can really see that these two (2) idols will make it to the Finale, and yes it happened! And eventually what I love from these 2 remaining idols is they are both original and very consistent on their weekly performances. However on Lee's side, he is some kind of a rocker but soft voice. He is stunning when he sings because he has this emotional connection with the song and the audience, a plus factor indeed.

Nonetheless, I am extending my congratulations to both specially to Lee Dewyze who really made it in this season!
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