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I know the feeling of failing the expectations of your loved ones or even people around you when they are looking forward for you to win a competition.
Yes I have undergone that so many times but I nevermind that thing as long as I did my very best. Anyway, in my life right now I am proud to say that I am once a student journalist, a part of a Writers' Club in school (elementary and high school). Sometimes there's a big possibility you will be chosen as one of the writers to represent your school or even your city for competitions just like me. (humbly speaking

Yes! I am a News Editor in our gazette way back in high school, but I have already experienced to write anything including Editorial articles, Feature articles, News articles, Sports articles or even Copy-reading which I have learned in journalism training at Cabatuan, Iloilo in 2005. Actually I was one of the lucky student journalists to join the said training knowing I am still in junior high school on that time. Participating the said training was such an edge of yourself to other student journalists because you will truly embellished your writing skills from it. Thats why I am confident enough that after the training, I could truly bequeath the things I have ascertained to my school gazette. 

Yes I did it though and because of that I represented my school for Division School Press Conference wherein I will be competing student journalists from different public and private secondary schools in our city. I was so proud when I won in Editorial Writing as well News Writing and I will be the representative of our city for Regional School Press Con to be held at Passi, Iloilo. But I am bit disappointed when I knew I can't go for the Regional Competition because of financial problem faced by our school in sending student journalists. Well I already accepted that fact for I know everything happens for a reason. Then I was stimulated spiritually by the words of my teacher who was also the trainor of our school gazette, which somehow lessens the letdown feeling I felt.
Then came my senior year, I again brought home the bacon in Editorial Writing and News Writing in Division School Press Con which made me qualified for Regional School Press Con and now to be held at Punta Villa Resort, Arevalo, Iloilo City. I am so convivial that on the second time around, God endowed me this opportunity. So when I arrived at the venue, its not new to me anymore meeting and competing other students from different parts of Region VI. With this event in my life, I have gained friends. In fact I am already used to it knowing I am an amiable person (as if I am). But, I have encountered a problem there wherein I was told by my trainor that I really need to join only one writing contest, knowing I am both qualified for Editorial Writing and News Writing. So, I never have the chance to contemplate but I had finally decided to go for News Writing.

Anyway, a news is an accurate report. So, writing a news story is somehow simple and easy. Why? Its because you don't need to use those flowering words (e.g. figurative languages, idiomatic expression) or even adjectives, if so adjectives must be factual. Its a matter of knowing and answering the 5 WH and 1 H questions because these were the crux of all news. To know more how to write a news story, then click HERE.

Going back to the News Writing contest, on that time I really have this "confidence" in myself that I have made the "bestnews story for me but when the result was announced, sad to say I haven't won the competition which really made me feel lugubrious. Yes, I knew in myself I really did my best, so I was really disappointed.

So because of this experience, I tumbled somehow that I must not expect too much in any event as long you have tried your best, its already enough and I must not be drowned by this "pride" I have in myself for I know there are some instances that I already forgot to thank God who is the reason why I am having all these things in my life.
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  • wow! looks like you had experienced a lot already! i had also experienced joining Division School Pres Con, as a Feature Writer, when i was in grade six! unfortunately, i didn't win.. :/ but the experience is what counts, right? :D

    yeah..we should not expect too much.. :) just expect the unexpected! haha.. :D i also experienced expecting too much, when i was in grade four, i really thought that i would really become one of the top two, but sadly, i was only at the top four of the honor's list.. :/ with this experience, like you, i learned to not expect too much..and i also don't cry anymore over defeat..haha.. :D i studied harder and harder, and joined more extracurriculars, then there! i became the topnotcher of our class! (not bragging here :D)

  • One of my achievements na nakuha ko when I was in High School was an Outstanding Club Member award which nakuha ko sya for two consecutive years (Third Year and Fourth Year) and a Third Placer sa Essay Writing Competition (Filipino). Since then I forgot to expect too much because I didn't gain much awards from that time on kasi natapos na rin ang time ko in High School. Now I'm aiming for a good standing sa school namin. ^_^

  • @Nice: Thats an experience! Keep it up!

    @Sasarai: Naks I am not that active in Club Member in high school, but almost clubs I have joined! In fact I am a senator inour school way back in high schooL! :) There are still alot to share with though!

  • wow. lucky for you to experienced that. Me ? I was like I want to become one of you too. though, in school they were like ? favoritism. like they don't trust you if your just a beginner. haha. my own perception for not being part of them. haha. but I love I'm being part of their topic. lol :DD hihi. maybe being journalist is not the right for me. cos I'm not a good writer. hehehe.

    You really had have great experiences. Em sure with experiences you could aim high ^^.

  • I was also a part of press conference; however, I did not made it in the national level. Masarap maging member ng press conference kasi you get to travel for free. Sa time ko we were in Valencia Bohol...2004.

  • OMG! I have the same shirt! You were there too? I was part of our paper since I was in Elementary and I'm now taking up MassCom. I love writing too much.

  • @Jhen: Yeah probably! Kaya nga opposite ng mga experiences ko ang course ko ngayoN! hahaha

    @Ghienox:ME too! for 2 consecutive years in Regional Competitions plus training, still its not enough to win! Very nice! 2nd year pa ako nun! UU libre!

    @Princess: Same here but as what I have said opposite to my course right now in College!

  • oo nga eh, dami pang pwedeng mashare, syempre ANDAMI PANG TIME! =)) Pero time is short, sabi nila. Ano ba talaga Jigs noh?

  • We're the same! :D I used to represent our school in press cons, meet new people, compete and stuff. And used to the editor-in-chief of our school paper. :) But my dreams got shattered because of my new school. We don't participate much in contests. It's sort of an indepedent school. >.<"

    You know what, I really like the way you write. Things are well-said, arrangement of ideas is really good. :) But maybe God has reasons. :) Don't give up. :)

  • @Juls: Its how hardwork you are..Kung hardwork madami ka tlgang matatapos, pero anyways, it depend too sa mood mo eh! Thats why!

    @Joyce: Thanks a lot Joyce, naks naman! Superb! Same to you! I envy nga your site!

  • nakakarelate ako dito. member din ako ng school paper dati. and i joined conferences too, kaso lang,hanggang division level lang. its okay, kahit na hindi ka nanalo sa regional, winning in the division level, was a great accomplishment already, knowing that the other competitors were great too. and like what you said, as long as you did your best, its enough.:)

  • i was part of our school paper too, and i really admire you for finding news writing easy. Writing news has always been hard for me, because i can never seem to make it interesting enough to grab the students' attention. how do you do it?

  • @Batanggala: Yes indeed! :)

    @Aryan: Headline matters Aryan as well the contents too!

  • .. i'm a frustrated writer.. haha, i took DevComm for journalism purposes pero nung kuhanan na ng mga major, sa ibang major ako napunta ('twas my passion though)...pero hanga ako the way u write.. :) keep up.. more experiences to come..let it grow.. :)

  • @leng: Ano blogsite mo?...???

  • u visited me just this month.. kaso sa old blog ko:,
    my new site is
    just this month rin lang ako lumipat.. :)

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