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Its been a while that we have let our brains relax to its peak of "distraction point" for it seems we were all busy these past times doing things that really need to be prioritize. Anyway, stay calm, because here is my blog post again which aims to let your brain works. Thus, it somehow necessitates brain usage.

This brain exercise I have is so easy. I think you can get the answer immediately for I solve it right away (not boasting huh!). I just love to share, and that's it! But most probably, this exercise was shared by a friend of mine personally and kinda change something in it to be more unique and original by myself. I entitled it as "The Unknown" as indicated above in my post' title. Unknown because it signifies a mystery that you really need to know to understand the fact behind the message. 
Here it goes:

"In this modernize and materialistic world, the affluent or the wealthy people who belongs in higher level of society need unknown. But those people who suffer poverty or the poor people who belongs in lower level of society have unknown. But above all, either you belong to higher or lower levels of society, we will all die if we eat unknown."

If you want clue/s, then I will tell you. Actually this unknown thing is a WORD! If you are curious of the number of letters composed of this word, well its greater than six (6) letters but less than twenty (20) letters...CLUES NO MORE!

At this juncture of further reading my post, I will now give you the floor to have your side through answering this exercise by commenting below. But if you really find hard to get the answer, its fine with me that you will comment about "How did you find this post?". Nevertheless, I will reveal the answer on Monday, so you still have two (2) days span to contemplate for the answer. Hey YOU!, who is reading this post right now. hoping you'll participate and drop some comment!

NOTE: If you comment the right answer before the "revealing day", your comment will not yet be publish so that others can still have the chance to answer. But I will publish your comment/s if  it contains a wrong answer and your reactions and findings about this post.
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