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People's Park is one of the most visited places here in San Carlos City. Its a wondrous park in our reclamation area facing the Island of Cebu. Actually visiting this place is one of my escape when I had problems in life. Its view somehow made me relax and have peace of mind afterwards. Anyways, as I was strolling last week with my friend, I was amazed by its beauty. And its really fantastic and cool in your sight. I have these miniatures found which truly astounded me. With the aid my friend he took pictures of me and the miniatures as shown below:

City's old City Hall. When we say City Hall, it is from the German word Rathaus (German pronunciation[ˈʁaːthaʊs]) literally means "council house" often delineate as a town hall. Furthermore, our old City hall building in "real world" is already abandoned, but I can say its somehow unique on its style. I haven't entered here eversince, that's why I can't describe more about this place.

City Auditorium. The term Auditorium came from the Latin word audītōrium meaning lecture room; from audire which means to hear and see au in Indo-European roots. Regardless, our City Auditorium is the place wherein all programs in our city were held. In fact, the Pintaflores Festival dance rituals  rituals are also  performed in this venue. Actually our city auditorium is facing our St. Charles Borromeo Cathedral (a Roman Catholic Church).

New City Hall. Gnu, knew and new are just  few words in the dictionary which are somehow confusing specifically in their pronunciation. Nonetheless, the picture above is the rear view of our New City Hall - a place wherein most of the government employees are working. I can remember that this is also the location specifically on the Engineering Department wherein I have submitted my requirements for my first Supervised Industrial Training. Actually I had a lot of memories in this place, but I am tired writing it one by one! 

City Bus Terminal. Before it was called "bus" it was named as "Omnibus Vehicle" ; omnibus in Latin which means "for everyone".  Notwithstanding, the Bus Terminal is the place where I exchanged my hellos and goodbyes with my loved ones because I am studying far from them ever since I stepped my college life. In this place, I have reminisced something in my past when I bid farewell to my family specially way back in high school when I joined Regional Competitions. 

There are still a lot of miniatures you can see in the People's Park. Above pictures took by my friend are just some of them. Anyways, miniatures are just one of the number of fascinating things you can view in People's Park. Indeed there are still A LOT like a pool park, a watch tower which unfastens the view of Sipaway Isaland, Cebu, the port and the canopy of a busy city, mini-falls, etc. But most probably, at the end of the day I have enjoyed ambling in this kind of place - a place that truly marks its beauty in my mind and in my heart.

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