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One of the reasons why I am here is to make friends in the blogosphere. And I am so blithe that I able to mingle new people with different personalities. Some are vexatious. Some have no values at all. Some always love to criticize. But hey! There are also people who are amiable in their own ways! To the person who is reading this, you know where you belong! But anyway, these kinds of people made me realize one thing and that is "Unconsciously, we choose how we see people! When we like someone, we are tolerant but when we don't, we focus on their faults, It's not other people true persona that determines how we feel about them...It's our attitude: The human tendency to prejudge."

Nonetheless,  even in my short period of time as a blogger, I was overwhelmed that I was able to received a Sweet Blog Award from Dal, a friend of mine here in the Blogosphere as well in Facebook. (To Dal: I thank you for endowing this award. I really appreciate it)

At this juncture, I will also bequeath this Sweet Blog Award to people who are somehow I considered my friends and who are once my blog readers and visitors upto now. In return, "You Deserve This" or I say more than this thing for "everything" you have shared. (Note: You can post or not the "edited" Sweet Blog Award image (shown above) in your blog site but I will surely appreciate it, if you'll do!). Here are the Top 24 names in random order.
 (Check your name if you are enlisted!)

I really wanted you all to have this but actually I have my own criteria why I have came up to the Top 24 persons result (a secret). Thus, don't be disappointed when your name is not there, we still have the next time. ^_^....So I will take this opportunity to thank you all for having time for visiting my blog and  reading my entries!

Please drop to the site shown above and rate my blog with the stars below the POST' title. I will surely grateful if you'll do. God Bless!
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