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Yesterday, when I went home for lunch break, I received a text message from a friend of mine saying:

~ FORWARDED only based on research:
"Do you know that the word "JEJEMON" came from two (2) Greek words. "JEJERIUS" means the follower or the doer of the command of someone by writing. And another Greek words is "MONINIUS" means the believers of Satan, who have the capability to empower the mind of people by writing. BEWARE! Be aware. Please spread. Be informed!"

After reading the text message, I really doubt if its a fact or just a plain rumor.  I shuddered because the text message is already involving Satan. So because of this I tried to search it in the internet for clarification. I was exasperated when most entries shown are not reliable in the sense they're coming from Facebook and Tumblr accounts (social networking sites) indicating too that the message above is disseminating in a text message ONLY. One more thing is I felt hard to find the 2 Greek words, that's why I reckon that this is a FALSE message.

(Note: If you have a proof that JEJERIUS and MONINIUS are existing in a Greek dictionary or you have your own research to uphold the text message indicated above is a FACT, then you can feel free to comment below for me to manage this post.)
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  • anyway, even if those Greek words are real, i doubt if dun nanggaling ang word na jejemon. jejemon was actually coined because jejemons usually use "jeje" as a replacement to "hehe". the suffix -mon was taken from the popular show pokemon.

  • really? haha. I'll check this out.

  • whatever jigs! kamusta naman kasi yun di ba, himala, biglang nagkaroon ng Greek meanings ang kasisikat lang na Jejemon... probably, a bad joke. Hello, musta naman yun di ba, ang alam ko nga sa Jejemon, ang etymology nun is Jeje (from hehe...) and mon (from Pokemon) di ba? Weird nila.

  • @Aryan: Yeah I know about it, that I was antagonized about this thing!

    @Bubbles: Yeah! You must! Let me know if its true!

    @Juls: Anong musta naman yun d ba? Yeah I know about it!

  • Wahahaha! Expression lang yun Jigs! Meaning nun is "duh!" or "hello!!!" .. gets mo na?

  • @juls: Kaw tlga dami mong words ah!

  • o.O SATAN~!!? buti naman pala't hindi ako gumagamit ng jejemon~ will spread this fact hmm..~

  • @Faith: Di pa ito fact!

  • i also received that txtmessage...good to know about that info.. im so thankful im not one of the jejemons.

  • I doubt too. Mukang ewan lang. Kung totoo ito napakatalino ng nagcoin ng word na jejemon at kung coincident lang naman, ewan I need proofs ^^

  • you guys!!!! and to aryan!!! you guys are letting yourselves be deceived by the devils evil me crazy, but the fact remains that we are living in EVIL days...just open your eyes and don't let yourself be blinded!!!
    -just because you don't have enough proof does not mean that it does not exist!!
    what about GOD? His not visible to our sight! does that mean that He doesn't exist!!!!
    think again.

  • @Renz: Yeah I agree!

    @Anonymous: I believe in GOD!

  • @Anonymous: Yea we know that we (including you) are living in EVIL days but his post doesn't portray that we're believing that PROOFS are needed to prove that God exists. He portrays more on Jejemons, and why he doesn't believe on that specific text message/post in some sites. Before reacting much on the religious points, read thoroughly. When it comes to religious beliefs, please DO RESPECT our beliefs and not oppose ours. In order to respect your opinion, you yourself, Mr. Anonymous, must respect ours. Do not force us to believe on your own point.

  • parang di naman totoo...wala akong mahanap na ganun

  • @Anonymous: Kaya nga I said in my posy "false message"..Okay? Di nga ito totoo! Wla kasing nag comment na may proofs cla, eh di tama AKO! Hindi ito totoo~!

  • there's no letter J in the Greek alphabet so the "research" is clearly a hoax.

  • @Anonymous: Thanks for the info!...At first I really dont believe this and yeah I am right!

  • I too am searching the word jejerius and moninius, that's why i fell here at your site. I really can't find anything reliable that's stating what a jejerius is. Maybe it's not spelled correctly sa text message, or hindi talaga totoo :D

  • @Anonymous: D yan totoo!

  • did you know that the "Jejemon" you called did not think of that term themselves?

    Jejemon really originated from their "trademark" "jeje", which replaces the laughing manner "hehe" and the contraption 'mon' came from Pokemon, as it rhymes and in the same manner, this branding can treat them as animals like in the Pokemon world

    jejerius isn't a word, let alone make it a greek word

    and moninius* is somewhat french, not greek, whoever did that research, EPIC FAIL

    *i can't find a french meaning for this, but pages that include this word are french, i'm assuming moninius is a french surname/given name

  • whether you believe it or not it is true, look, this jejemon thing... even though, they said the word 'mon' comes from the word 'pokemon' sure! 'coz they don't know the word moninius... what's the connection of pokemon in their language? this greek word is really existed... the word jejemon has empowered the mind of others thru texting.

    It just isn't because jejemon was recently existed... so, sasabihin natin "na-exist lang ang word na jejemon then lalabas bigla yang greek word na yan? kalokohan! There's no such a word greek words ng jejemon."

    Me, I believe that it is true... look, thru texting "we become a follower of a command someone thru writing"(jejerius) and someone "who believes" What is satan's job is to empowering our mind through nonsense things.

    I am not forcing you to believe me... it's up to you to be a DOER or NOT.

    ** If you cannot find the 2 greek words... find it at "" (wikipedia) to find it out if it is true or not.

    JEJERIUS: means the follower or the doer of the command of someone by writing or in action

    MONINIUS: means the believers of the angel of light.
    Who is also known as Satan or Lucifer before he was cast out from the kingdom of Heaven.

  • ang hirap kasing paniwalaan... nung ni-repost ko 'to one of the pages in facebook na jejebuster... nagalit sila lahat sa'kin kasi paulit-ulit daw yung trivia na yan (or gawa-gawa lang...) they almost call me a 'bullshit' the first time who said me that... especially madami pa sila... kaya hindi ko na inulit yung reposting ng mga text messages or blogs ng walang kasiguraduhan kun totoo...

    pero siguro a-agree ako sa nag-last comment... kasi almost ng may kaibigan na jejemon ay napapagaya... kasi dahil siguro sa uso, unique or gusto lang nila na sumikat...
    pero sa hindi sa naniniwala ako diyan sa greek word na wala naman sa wen... i'm just agreeing na nakakahawa lang sila kasi interesting...
    hindi sa against ako sa jejebuster or i'm with the jejemon... wala naman kasing katotohanan kailangan pang ipagkalat 'di ba???

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