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Miniatures are just some of the things you can see in San Carlos City People's Park. If you are a nature lover, then this place suits your interest. 

While in the middle of strolling People's Park, I have seen a statue of a unicorn animal which truly amazed me. I find it so very attractive. Actually its a mini pool and in the center was the unicorn statue but it seems the water evaporated. (",? 
Next, I saw a bamboo (plant or tree?), a meter away from the unicorn statue. It was surrounded by bamboo's stems served as its fences. The bamboo was 50 centimeters taller than me.
After that I immediately went to the seashore. In there I was accompanied by my friend staring the blue colored sea while having conversation. The view was very relaxing. 
Then, I saw this train in the People's Park, a meter away from the seashore. I cannot estimate how old the train was knowing it was repainted. Somehow it was colorful though thats why I requested my friend to took a picture of me and the train.
Finally I went to the watch tower wherein i viewed the Sipaway Island. It was so nice as I was gazing the blue beach horizon looking for pump boats dissipated in a distance.
Anyways, I went home with a smile painted on my face because somehow staying at People's Park and viewing its cool environment lessen the things I thought on that day. As indicated in my other post related to this, visiting People's Park is one of my escape when I have problems.
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