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Teenternational housemate Robert James Reid, the "Dashing Dude of Australia" proclaimed as the Teen Big Winner of Pinoy Big Brother Teen Clash of 2010 Unite at the Big Night held at Ynares Sports Center in Antipolo City last night, June 26.

The Dashing Dude of Australia got 179,924 votes followed by Ryan Bang, the "Simpatikong Leader of Korea" (2nd Teen Big Placer with 169,797 votes), Fretzie Bercede, the "Charming Angel of Cebu" (3rd Teen Big Placer with 145,176 votes), Devon Seron, the "Bubbly Promdi of Cebu" (4th Teen Big Placer with 142,876 votes), Ivan Dorschner, the "Filipino-Irish model of California" (5th Teen Big Placer with 137,402 votes) and Bret Jackson, the "Indie Singer of USA" (6th Teen Big Placer with 133,239 votes).

Reid received P1 million cash, Crystal Clear Water franchise worth P1.5 million, a Sony Vaio laptop, a P3 million worth condominium unit, a 46-inch Sony LCD television, an Asian tour for two to Hongkong, Thailand and Singapore. 

The rest of the Teen Big 6 received cash prizes and Sony Vaio laptop.

Why James Reid deserves to be the Big Winner?
As I opened James Reid's fan page in my Facebook account, I was flabbergasted by the comments of his fans. One fan named Kata Regulado had defended James against criticisms. She uttered "It ouches me to find out peps can't believe this dashing dude from the land of down under is the Big Winner! You wanna know point by point why he deserves it?! Here's my defense: 1.) Fawst, he is smart! (smart as in he's the most intelligent tenant in this edition! Lyan knows that via chess, he answers Kuya with fierce wit and speaks with sense, never opening his mouth...or else you'll die with his thick Aussie accent. Oh my God it's Danielle Radcliffe in the Philippines. 2.) His good looks is irresistible. Girls go gaga on him. Teeners out there drool on his cute face, disarming smile that was only available from Gerald Anderson. He outsmarted every available cutie in the house because he matches it and pairs it with a wide array of TALENT like dance (tictactoe), bossa nova, guitar, organ. Kuya entrusted to him the fate of the Big Goal Concert. A swimmer as in you'll never worry drowning! Gymnast acrobat ala Sam Milby. 3.) He is the most transparent housemate, he doesn't fake his feelings, frank but tactful. He admits he's a laid-back boy, lazy but he was never trying hard to impress critics and naysayers. Let my theatrics and antics do the talking. 4.) Like Manny Pacquiao, he knows when to score his deadly punches. He got sick and that when he started to make viewers endear to him more. PBB knows that the show gonna flop minus him. First time in PBB history that health issue worked well to a housemate instead of working against him. Peps viewers realized he is an angel to the housemates, a great loss if evicted. Who does not smile when you see Baby James of Kris? Raise your hand. See, that's how he earned the moniker baby. 5.) He does not need to defend himself. He was a dark horse in the contest and that's painful to Anti-James. Like Binay (James's mayor) he won by a hairline! That's a killer result, FYI. 6.) To my stock of winners and champions, he is the 4th to come. I had Noynoy, Kobe Bryant/LA Lakers, Jovit and now here he comes JAMES. So sorry guys, truth hurts, reality bites. Bite truth for it will set you free! Philosophy teaches us how we can live a good life: JOIN WINNERS NOT LOSERS! CONGRATS James in perpetuity, I'm your BIG FAN!"

I am NOT a hater of this edition instead what I have noticed last night was the low total votes garnered by each housemate even the big winner James. If you'll compare it to the total votes of the housemates of past editions, a big difference indeed! Anyways, I will grab this opportunity to congratulate James for being the BIG Winner of this edition as well Ryan, Fretzie, Devon, Ivan and Brett for making it to the Big Night. This edition somehow marked as one of the closest races ever in Pinoy Big Brother history.
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  • James deserves it....
    somebody says that he is half pinoy...
    if its true...its good because of the title PINOY BIG BROTHER BIG WINNER...

  • @Xian: I don't think James is a half pinoy because first and foremost TEENTERNATIONALS are pure blooded foreigners! Ika nga pusong PINOY lang cla, not biologically! :) Rumors lang cguro yan ah! Pero kung totoo, somehow mali pala ang info binigay ni Kuya pagpasok ng Teenternationals!

  • He's really cute. ;)

  • @Eymi: Ok lang! What I love him is his attitude ah! HUMBLE!

  • crush ko siya.. pero mas cute for me si RYAN.. oh RYAN.. haha.. ;)
    well, if he's [james]half pinoy he totally deserves winning but wouldn't it be better kung one of the orig pinoy housemates won..??

  • @Mharliz: I love Ryan too! Well in my case, I prefer more sa side ng mga Teenternationals than Pinoy housemates ^^

  • Yan din man bet ko... c Ryan! simple lang at tahimik ^^,

  • @Jon: Same here pla tau pare! ok lang yan! The result is not a thing to be understood rather to be accepted!

  • waah..ang gwapo niya..haha..congrats to him for being the Pinoy Big Brother Big Winner! :D

  • @Nice: LOL! Yeah indeed

  • congrats to him. :D,

  • napanuod ko toh. hihihi :)) grabe! ang cute nya. HAHAHA! parang wala syang kamuwang muwang. hihi :) wee. congrats to him. wew! i missed a lot here. love the new theme :D

  • Wuy parekoy!

    I am a big fan of PBB since it's pilot season pero this season (PBB teen clash 10) lang talaga ako nadissappoint ng sobra-sobra.

    Wala sa Big Six nila ang deserving maging isang Big Winner!!!

    I was surprised nga kung bakit si James ang naging Big Winner eh... ni wala nga syang kahit isang patak na dugong pinoy sa katawan eh. At kung napanood mo yung whole clash season, naku, ewan ko lang kung may nai-contribute syang malaki sa loob ng bahay ni kuya.

    This season kc, sobrang daming kapalpakan ang nangyari. Maraming mga pangyayaring di inaasahan ang out of control ng mga staff... kaya pumangit ng pumangit ang palabas hanggang huli.

    Kaya no wonder, very low ang votes turn out hahaha! maraming Pilipino ang dismayado sa season na ito at isa na ako dun.

    James got 179K of votes only? come on! eh si Beauty Gonzales nga ng PBB TE+ 189K ang votes na nakuha, considering na nsa 4th place sya haha XD sobrang pathetic!

    Kawawa naman ang ABS dahil lugi ang Negosyo nila hahaha....

    Well anyways just my two cents...

    Pasensya na kung wala pa kong update sa blog ko... medyo bisi-bisihan ako ngayon haha.

  • @Jhen: Oo nga he's totally innocent as well humble! Woaah thank for appreciation Jhen! Missed ya!

  • @Fiel: Parekoy musta na? Well, uu nga, pero somehow love Tricia for the big WIN! wlang angal! Uu nga, I htink lugi tlga PBB ngayon! Yeah that's what I have noticed base sa mga votes na nakuha! =) OK lang yan ah!

  • I was so (ruening) for Lyan... I couldn't believe that he won. I don't think he deserved it MORE, but hey, it's all in the stupid text votes. Swertehan lang yan :)

  • @Riz: Ndi naman sa swertehan, pero kung cno ung nagustuhan ng taumbayan sa loob ng bahay! =)

  • james dont deserve itt xD hindi ko nagustuhan itong edition na to. nd nga aco nanunuod masyado unlike dati. tsk.

  • @Cheen: Kalma lang..Ahihihi

  • Nagulat ako dito pero fan kasi ako ng JAMLI! kinikilig ako sa lahat ng videos nla grabe..pero he's not after fame and money daw..Mas okay sna pag si ryan hehe

  • @Rose: Yes Rose! May punto ka dun!

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