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The historically idiosyncratic, hope-filled ambiance surrounding President Benigno Simeon Cojuangco Aquino III's inauguration had just happened this morning 30th of June, 2010 at Quirino Grand Stand in Manila. 

Approximately more than half a million people gathered on the said venue to witness the event. In a 22-minute inauguration speech, President Aquino made a solemn promise to have a better Philippines as his own legacy.

Full transcript of President Aquino Inaugural Speech is indicated below.

In general, when I heard the Inaugural Speech of President Aquino, I was taken by how humble the man and his words appeared to be. I realized how deep and vivid some of his words were. Aquino was saying what his inauguration want to achieve. It spoke to every Filipino not just rapacious critics. In fact it was a message to explain that we are all responsible in all days ahead in order for us to have a better Philippines. To have this outcome, our President also needs our cooperation and unity. So shame on those individuals who would depreciate the power of the message for a chance to criticize. Remember, there are times articulation is found in simplicity.

Indeed, the majority of Aquino's speech was originally sober, yet hopeful! If you will try to listen it fully, you may contemplate WOW! He is our President.
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