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The journey to success is an individual matter. In fact being successful someday is everybody's dream. And definitely, its a matter of self-actualization of how well we can do in order for us to be successful in life.

I know in the first place, its quite obvious that we have different definitions of the word "success", but I stand we are basing our own definition with our own life's experiences.  At this juncture, let me interrogate you:

Will success alone makes a person contented and blissful? 

Anyways, I won't make this post long. I would probably, be direct to the point. And yes, its all about finding TIME FOR LOVE while we are reaching for our dreams. Why? 

Its because one of the most painful scenarios in life is after you've worked hard and won success, you go home at the end of the day ALONE, with no one to share your triumphs.
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