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Down on the ally at the park where I dwell,
I once knew a boy, I loved so well
He took my heart away from me,
And now he wanted to set it free.

I lied and cried in bed,
Not a word to Mom I said,
When Dad came home that early night,
Looking for me from left to right.

Finally through the door he broke,
When he found me hanging on a rope,
He got a knife and cut it down,
And on my bed a note he found.

Dig my grave and dig it deep,
Fill it with stones from head to feet,
And on the top please put a dove,
To show the world I died for LOVE.

Familiar with the poem? Actually the title of the poem is POEM of LOVE. I received the poem through a text message from a friend of mine. Anyway, after reading the poem, I felt disappointed with the girl because she committed suicide in the end (a very big sin in the eyes of God) because of love failure, a narrow reason indeed.

Well, there is absolutely nothing in this world that is worth taking your own life even love and romance. I know the pain a broken heart can cause and how it can really mess with the mind. That's why after so much pain, you just wanted to end it all, thinking it would be the easiest way of getting rid of all the pain which is totally WRONG. I contemplate people have misguided dreams seeing social circumstantial that saying "fairytale" romance will make them blissful which I object.

Sometimes relationships are likely to end at some point which indeed similar to death but one has the responsibility to build their lives around other things after its over. It takes courage of course as well acceptance. You need to accept that you had a love and its gone. All that is left is emptiness and pain that soon will pass. Nevertheless, time will heal a broken heart. Suicide won't do it. 

Before I will end this post, let me ponder something. Yes! There are people say that committing suicide is really a permanent solution to a temporary problem. But don't you know the only thing is...Once you have passed the line of suicide, THERE IS NO TURNING BACK! 
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  • that was a sad poem. i'm sorry for the girl who committed suicide. I don't get it when people ruin their lives because of broken relationships. It's not helping them solve their problem anyway. Indulging into bad vices.. putting their lives into waste and worst like what the poem says, committing suicide. It's sad really. People would say, "I can't live without you." that's funny!hahah! Knock.knock! You came out from your mother's womb alone so don't think that way. I'm not saying that, just live alone. That's crazy.hahah! What I'm trying to say is, if a relationship won't workout already and has to come to its end, life should not be put into waste. Just move on even though it's painful. Acceptance is the first step. Wounds will heal for sure at the right time. All we have to do is wait for that time. And it's not yet the end of the world.

    Suicide is a big sin and people don't have the right to take lives away.

    I like your post!haha!

  • i love the poem. and It makes me cry :(( pero ako, kahit gano man kabigat ang problema ko. hindi ako magpapakamatay kahit maloka na ako. hehe. kuya, wat ym mo ?

  • suicide is not a solution to any problem..and it is a mortal sin..there are really things (hard things) in life that you have to suffer for you to grow as a person..and heartache is one of is for the just have to trust God's plans.

  • I agree with you... Very nicely done and constructive criticism and opinions! Love your post here! :)

  • tama! tama! Hindi sagot ang pagpapakamatay sa problema sa pag-ibig.

  • so sad.. kahit bigo man ako sa pag ibig never pumasok sa isip na magpakamatay, pero pag nasaktan ako nasaktan talaga... kasi alam ko naman minsan nakakadaramdam tayo ng pagmamahal sa taong di naman tayo kayang mahalin.. yon kasi ang pinakamasakit minsan ipaglalaban mo ang pag-ibig na ikaw lang ang nakadama..

    bakit naman kasi pina-uso ang pag-ibig.

  • @Iway: Thanks! ^^

    @Jhen: Woaah, cant tell it in public! Just add me in FB sa About link ko! Dun kita i-chat!

    @Superjaid: I strongly agree with your point!

    @Goyo: Cyempre! ^^

    @Benh: Thank you so much!

    @Ice: Ndi yan uso kusang yang nafefeel mo! Hahah

    @Dina: Thanks for the appreciation!

  • Nice poem... although I couldn't understand why she ended her life because of love. There is more good reason than love to commit suicide. Of course, I'm kidding...

    Nice entry! =)

  • @Stone: Thanks! Lol, we have different opinions though! ^^

  • OMG! The poem is indeed great! :)

  • @Trish: Naks...^^ yeah!

  • i love the poem too! it's really so disappointing in the end..why does she have to die just because of a love problem.. :| yeah, i agree, we should not commit suicide even though we have so much pain..

  • @Nice: I agree with you Nice!

  • aw.. so sad pero ang ganda ng story. Let me change the statement above. Suicide is a SOLUTION to TEMPORARY PROBLEMS. Pero we cannot blame those who commit suicide.

  • naalala ko tuloy ung dormmate namin na katapat lang namin ng kwarto...nagsuicide dahil sa love love gosh..kasi naman eh! God is love muna ^^

  • @Renz: hehehe! Yes we can't blame them!

    @Lady Myx: Dont be sad!

    @Sendo: Korek!

  • super nice nan poem. ang sad naman. tsk. suicide is never the answer to any problem.

  • @Cheen: Tumpak ka doon Cheen!

  • it's a nice poem though :))

  • it's a nice poem though :))

  • My teacher has said death is the beginning of Eternity so by committing suicide the problem won't be solved - the problem is carried on forever and ever. Not forgetting the burden is transferred to others who love and care for us to bear.

  • @Za: Thanks!

    @Boon: I strongly agree with your point!

  • Pwede bang tumalon sa line na yun? SHAKS! Hahaha!

    Seriously, I'd undergone the same situation. Actually, I might have continued that part because also of unrequited love, but when I found out, I do need to harm myself to know that I still have a life.

    Yet, memories of unrequited love still remain. I feel useless when I remember that, but now, it's the other way around. I feel useful because I always remember that I still need to live because the right person in my life is still waiting for me! ^_^

    NAKO! Ang emo much ng comment ko! :PP

  • @Julius: Kaw tlga! Hahaha..At least na realize mo! We are here Juls! woaaah! ^^

  • waaaaaaaaaaaaa.. nice2.. mkagoosebumps..

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