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The Annual Kalsada Blog Awards - A total of 12 blog posts made it through as finalists under Best Post of the Year category for the The Annual Kalsada Blog Awards.

Fortunately, I was opportune to emerge my post No One is 100% Free as one of the finalists. In determining the top winner, the result is base on the voting system shown on this site (click here). I am proud that my post was among the top rated ones in the finals. The post generally portrays on how I look the different angles of this contradictory term "freedom". 

As of now, I need your full support through voting my entry No One is 100% Free as Best Post of the Year. To vote, go to this site (click here) and choose "Jigs - No One is 100% Free" under Best Post of the Year category then click vote. Voting polls will be close on January 23, 2010 - 9PM.

Furthermore, I want to take this opportunity to say thanks to the people who voted me already. Guys keep your spirit alive and never look down to yourself.

Anyway, win or lose, I extremely proud that I made it to the finals and got the highest nominations under The Best Post of the Year category. (see the results here).
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