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As what they say "Success is one percent inspiration and 99 percent perspiration". Looking on different angles of this term "success", as an ordinary individual I believe that one factor to become successful is hard work. Anyway, what's the use of your intelligence or your education if you don't work hard to achieve your goals in life? So for me, I stand that hard work is the key to success, because education itself will not make you auspicious unless you work hard.

So far, because of my hard work in blogging, I am blessed with different things this year as well as December last year. These blessings came unexpectedly for I never envisage to have these.

First blessing on the list was the 1 year domain and a lifetime web hosting I got last December, 2010 on Jehzlau's writing contest online. You read it right, my entry Shocking Truth Behind Zest Air Philippines made it to the qualified entries. I am happy that I made it to the Top 24, knowing that I scribbled and submitted my entry few minutes before the deadline.

But somehow until now, I am still looking for a theme that will suit to my new blog concept because I cannot start to write something if I am not satisfied with the look of my new blog. 

Second blessing was the Cacao chocolates from Candy Corner when my entry A Sweet Surprise made it to the Top 4 winners on Batang Yagit's contest. These chocolates really taste good and no doubt my family loves it when I shared this box of chocolates with them.

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Third blessing was being nominated and became a finalist to The Annual Kalsada Blog Awards. My post No One is 100% Free made it to the finals on the Best Post of the Year category. Anyways, you can still vote my entry "Jigs - No One is 100 Free" under Best Post of the Year category until January 23 (Sunday), 9PM. To vote, just click here

As of January 18, 2010 - I am so thankful to my avid readers and friends who voted me because my post got the highest votes on Taba 2010 - Partial Results under Best Post of the Year category.

And the last blessing I got as of today was to get an unexpected and shocking result when I checked the PR of my blog Something To Brood Over. I can't believe I got PR4 knowing that my blog is not that old to have this high page rank. As a matter of fact, my blog is still 9 months old and I am not an active blogger to scribble new blog post everyday. As a whole, this is truly unexpected and indeed a God's blessing!

So with all these blessings I received, I pondered that you really need to be a hardworking person when you want to achieve success because through hard work plus faith with God make a good combination to make the improbable ostensible and  unattainable possible.  Remember, everything happens for a reason. So definitely, its normal that in your life's pilgrimage you'll experience failures because these are the freestanding columns of success. They bequeath you an opportunity to become aware of your weak points so that you will invariably strive to improve yourself the next time.
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