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When I was still a student, I  am always on the go when my classmates invited me to attend  parties. Since I was once a scholar, I even realized some time that its really hard to manage your school responsibilities while you are partying. But I never regret joining my classmates and friends at that time because all memories are worth reminiscing. I even remember that day when my classmates "devirginized" me on what so called alcohol drinking. To tell you I am not a drinker of beers or any liquors. Every party I attended, I drunk only iced tea , fruit juices or soft drinks.  Thats why at that time, I had my very first taste of a beer in a beer stein and beer glasses together with my classmates. I cannot refuse for I don't want to make myself as a killjoy person in front of them.

After that taste session, I told myself not to drink alcohol again. Why? Its because I don't like the smell as well as its taste. But despite of these excuses to myself, still I was drunk at that time. You will know me when I am already drunk when I am laughing out loud even the conversation is not that funny. So, how about you? How do you see yourself when you are drunk? 

Anyways with that incident, I had my own realization. I realized that even you are drunk, you can still contemplate what you are doing - meaning you still know what you are saying and acting. Thats why I don't believe on those drunkards who are making their "alcohol-intake" to be the reason why they got involved to sex crimes. And I think young adults should be mature enough to know what is right from wrong and be ingenious enough to avoid unhealthy repercussions. 

So the next time you will drink together with your friends or loved ones, don't just think the fun you will get out of it but also the possible things will happen if you are too drunk. To stay away from this, lets just drink not beyond our limits or its time to change alcoholic drinks to fruit juices mixed with vodka.
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