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Thanks God, its Friday! Tomorrow will be weekends, a time to relax, to bond, to enjoy and to achieve! - Jhiegzh

I always look forward every weekends for I believe every weekends are amazing!
Below are my Top 3 super reasons why I am super thankful its Saturday or Sunday:

First reason: Its bonding time with my friends.  

          a. Bonding time with my Bodjackers ( high school classmates ) 
From left to right (above->down): Soi, Jelo, Junmer, Sandy, Paking, Me, Roxette, Mamu, Mariz and Tipya

Most of us bodjackers are still college students from different universities in Cebu, Bacolod, and Dumaguete but despite of our hectic schedules, we still find time to reunite again by contacting each other every weekends specially to those Bodjackers who went home. Actually our bonding moment always fall every Saturday afternoon at 2p.m. in the Gaisano Mall and Center Mall.

From left-right: Desiree and her daughter, Sandra, Mamu, Junmer, Mariz., Tipya and Me
Even most of us age 19 years old and above, still we sometimes have the attitude of being childish but not to the extent. We are absolute frugal or I say thrifty. Last Saturday we just walked Center Mall, approximately a half kilometer away from Gaisano Mall just to eat fishballs and tempura and after that we just took pictures of ourselves while we are on the football field.

99 as my score!

Anyways, what makes bodjackers unique is that we all love music. In short we all love singing specially me. Since I was young, music has been the creative forte of my life. I can be sure that the songs I learn now will be forever recorded in my mind's memory bank, same with my bodjackers. Music impacts my heart over and over again. Any kind of music, I always look forward, its message to put across.

The last weekend, I bonded with them, we went for a videoke in Gaisano Mall and I sang "Greatest Love Of All". I did doble-kara with the song, and all were laughing out loud. But hey! I got 99 as my score... 

          b. Bonding time with my Wave 31 friends
From left-right: Me, Regina, Mommy Ems, Kate, Cham, Jaja (lady in red stripes)

In the absence of my Bodjackers, I will be with my Wave 31 friends every Saturday afternoon. Actually Wave 31 friends, are my workmates way back when I worked as a call center agent. Even though I already resigned there, still we manage to communicate and bond again in our free time which is Saturday too

What we do that day is watch movies. Yeah! We do movie marathon. We enjoy the thrill of a mystery, or awesome photography being astounded by special effects and wise dialogue that made us laugh and cry with the characters of the film. After we finished watching, we always share the lessons we've learned from the movie. I remember, when we watched "Hachiko: A Dog's Story", all of us cried. Then all of a sudden, we realized that the lesson we've learned from a movie must be base more on the emotions we felt because through this, it showed us the reality of life and movies help to tell us who we are.

Second reason: Its bonding time with my family specially to my cute niece.

My cute little angel, my niece - Niña Gracie

Every Saturdays and Sundays is actually our family bonding. I am glad that last 2009, I have my very first niece namely Niña Gracie, a daughter of my sister. I really love this little cutie because she can easily learn and imitate what you tell her. That is why my family is very careful in throwing words inside the house when Niña is present. In the absence of my sister, I am fun of changing her diapers. I always love to kiss and hug her which makes her cry sometimes.

And when the night comes, when Niña is already asleep, I together with my mother and sister always have our midnight snack while watching television. We really love watching "The Bottomline" every Saturday night, because most of my family members love to debate, to argue, to defend his or her point of views. 

Third reason: Its time to achieve Christian wholeness.

Me in front of our church
Every Sunday I always want to achieve my Christian wholeness through fulfilling my Sunday's obligation together with my mother who is a member of "Crusaders of the Holy Face of Jesus". Asking God to help me grow spiritually will be the most life-changing thing I ever do. 

With my very own observation in today's society, it is difficult to keep the spiritual attention of people specially those young ones because the world itself provides so many distractions such as money, drugs, sex, fashion and many more that will turn into obsessions sooner or later.

But I believe that the church has something to offer to youth and people and listening the words of God every Sunday is the first step. Because listening the words of God will demolish your negative thoughts and build your faith to Him.

So, after the mass I also find time to go to the prayer room which is a quiet place to be alone with God. I try to contemplate about whether there is any sin that I have not confessed to Him. Yes! Every Sunday, I always do this - confession. I know I have done something wrong but I am ready to confess anytime.

I know somehow that it is not easy for some people to confess their faults. In fact many tend to make excuses for the sins they have committed. True confession needs to be more specific in nature. And it has to be followed by reformation.

That is why every time I confess my sins, I always see to it, that I will not repeat the faults I did in my past even in a tempting period. Because I stand, that if no change is made in the life after confession, it is not a genuine confession!

With all these three reasons I stated above, I realized something...When we are physically fit, we become more alert mentally and everything that directly affects our spiritual life.

Thanks Batang Yagit, for this marvelous contest.
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