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A while ago, I received a phone message from a friend of mine and to my surprise I was touched and was inspired by the contents of his message. I don't know if its an excerpt from a book but its truly enlightening!


A father was reading a newspaper. He did not want to be disturbed by his little daughter. What he did is he cut off a map of the world which he found on the table. Then he tore it to pieces and endowed it to her daughter to assemble. After a while, the daughter returned to her father holding the map all in perfect order every piece in its place. "Baby girl, you don't anything about geography, so how did you assemble this?", the surprised father said. "The picture of Jesus is at the back and I know if I had Jesus at the right place, the whole world would be perfect", the daughter replied.

 Isn't it amazing?! What's your say?
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  • nice! i like this one :D

  • This is good. I will post this on my Facebook page. And with the link to your blog, of course.

  • Very inspiring post pens! The message was strong, we've established that, but I noticed two flaws in the scenario:

    1. If the father did torn the map into puzzle pieces face-up (meaning, the picture of Jesus face down), how could the daughter have known that there's a picture of Jesus at the back of each torn piece. If it was stated that it was torn in large pieces with the picture of Jesus recognizable at the back, the story would have been plausible.

    2. If the little daughter did assemble the puzzle by putting each piece of Jesus' image at the right place, how come she gave the map face up? It has always been human instinct/nature to show the side of a puzzle that we focused to assemble instead of the back side, right? So if the little daughter focused on completing Jesus's picture, she should have shown that side to her father instead of the map...

    Pero actually, this is not that big of a deal, I just think the original writer/author of the story lacked the facts to make it 100% believable. Amen :)

  • God Bless You always bro :)

  • Good MOrning, Jhiegzh! Glory to GOD! God bless! =)

  • woah ayos ah ! ^^ matalinong bata .

  • wow! very touching and very moving itung message. It's described as metaphor, but it's very true. Tulad s mga sakunang nangyayari s ating mundo ngayon. it;s only because of these disasters that remind us to call Jesus Christ. Indeed World Catastrophes keep us together.

  • awww, i like this very much jhiegzh. :D

  • This little story has too much truth in it. You're right, it is very enlightening indeed. One could never put away the image of Christ as the peace of the world, can he?

    Thanks for sharing this one. (:

  • wow.. I was touch.. God really knows how to make his way on peoples lives even with small childrens.. :)

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