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I looked obliquely from the glisten of oncoming headlights and turn my head clockwise and counterclockwise to stay awake. It’s quarter to 12 midnight when I checked my phone’s clock. I already felt tired, dizzy and sleepy but managed to open my eyes because something was bothering me inside. Those insulting words from the mouth of one my neighbors a while ago caused me emotional attacks and stressed me that much, up to this hour. I was hurt and pissed off when he spread such gossip to our community that even I am once a topnotch student in school and an Electronics Engineering Technology graduate, all these were useless because he described me as a lazy and unemployed individual in the real world. He even seconded that I am also a stubborn person because I always resign from the jobs I got hired. 

Anyways, I heard those harsh insults against me as I walked away from the store holding a plastic of soda. I am starting to hate that neighbor who criticized and insulted me in front of others! Anger was building me inside together with frustrations and hatred but in the end I still remained silent as I passed by the boulevard.

So at this point, revenge is what my mind speaks because I am so mad of what he alleged. But seeing and understanding the different angles on the situation, I come to realize not to do so, because it will only get worse if I will pursue vengeance. And I guess that person lacks empathy training in his life because he doesn’t even understand the feelings of others and to treat people with amiability. I remember one of my life principles that centers on how to handle criticisms - if criticisms are true, always learn from them but if criticisms are false, simply ignore them. Feeling pain is a huge thing, but retaliation often backfires.

So I decided to neglect all those words he uttered in contrary to me because I know in myself those were untrue and that I am happily earning online even I rent a computer in an internet café. But that was before, now I am so blissful because I already have the Lenovo net book of my brother that was laid away in a pawnshop few months ago. Actually I used my savings to get it and this would be the start of my new journey - making money online. But to do this, to have my personal broadband connection is a must.

Gaiety is what I felt when I knew that SMART Company has this SMART BRO Unlimited Home Broadband Plan 999 or 1995. What astonished me on this kind of plan are the amazing freebies included such as:

[ / ] Free All-In-One HP Printer – I am fun of reading books. For sure I will use this device to print and read e-books online. Other than that I will also make use of what I have ascertained way back in my high school years when I joined Student Technologist and Entrepreneur of the Philippines. Yes! I am planning to build a little printing business. This soon-to-be printing business will be managed by me and my family,

[ / ] FREE Call & Texts with SMART Gold Lite Plan 300 for 6months subscription – This will be the bridge for me to communicate with my friends and my loved ones through texting and calling. Other than that, I will also lend this freebie to my mother for her to communicate her brothers and sisters. Last December I was touched when I saw her almost crying after seeing her youngest brother who visited here all the way from Davao. Actually it was their very first reunion after 20 years. And until now, I can’t imagine how they able to survive by not seeing each other for that long period of time, and

[ / ] Free 1 month broadband subscription – This would be the top reason, or I say my most need in order for me to do my online job and tasks. As a blogger, through this I could manage and update my blogs, read my e-mails, check my social networking sites, play music videos on Youtube and play online games. On the other hand, my other siblings will take advantage of this through online chatting and also playing online games.

That’s how generous SMART is! With a coincidence, no doubt that my brother loves SMART BRO because when I handed the laptop, I saw the SMART BRO logo when I clicked the start option. Indeed, SMART BRO will surely provide a consistent surf speed and stable signal. Tested and proven as what my friends told me.


It’s not really my intention to resign from my work as a call center agent before but it’s the only option for me to escape work and summon my hometown to settle the said family conflict. And about the family conflict, it’s a private matter. 

So at this moment, I am hoping that If ever time will permit and a friend of mine in the neighborhood will approach me and interrogate me if the said gossip is true, then that would be the time that I will disclose the truth that I am working online and I am not sluggish and inflexible person. 

To those who are uninformed, relish the astounding freebies (Free All-In-One HP Printer, FREE Call & Texts with SMART Gold Lite Plan 300 for 6months subscription and Free 1 month broadband subscription) included on being a SMART BRO Unlimited Home Broadband Plan 999 or 1995 subscriber! Take a look on the video below:

What are you waiting for? Now is the best time to subscribe, because the Smart Bro Unlimited Home Broadband promo is from March 4 to  June 4, 2011! And the offer may not happen again! So you need to grab the opportunity now, as in NOW!

For further inquiries, you may visit the nearest SMART Wireless Center or any SMART BRO accredited agents. Per DTI-NCR Permit No. 1871, Series of 2011. 

To give you another reason why you really need to subscribe Smart Bro, is by looking its TV Commercials below. You will see how Smart Bro cares for its people.

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