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When I checked my Facebook account just a while ago right after my training hours, I saw on my friend's profile a picture (shown above) which really amazed me about this "LOVE" thing. I was deeply touched by those messages indicated by the image. I reminisced one of my Panitikan assignment which also has its connection about this thing. And I can say I have experienced that as if I am but I have remembered a love quote shared by a friend of mine says:

Never be fooled by your heart because its real purpose is NOT TO LOVE...but TO PUMP BLOODYou should know that.
After my friend shared that quote to me, I laughed at him seriously, but deep inside if you look and understand it,  it really does make sense. Right? For as long as you feel the "love" there will always be pain. And as human as we are, we just really NEED to look at the brighter side if we happened to be brokenhearted (a.k.a. be OPTIMISTIC!). In fact, I know its really hard to accept right away that you are already broke up with the person you have seriously loved for so long but the best way to do is to relax and feel the pain until it hurts no more. 

BUT there are some instances, that we can't really let go of the hurt...because it is a constant reminder of A GREAT LOVE STORY you never expected to come to an end. Anyways, it's not a thing to regret for, you just purely love a person more than your ego, and that's it. Before I will gonna end this post, I know in myself that love isn't just always about the happiness you have shared each other with your loved one or just about how clairvoyant your realm when you're with him/her. But sometimes love is when you experience pain deep down inside because in that incident in your life you know that you have sacrificed something for nothing. Love works with your eyes widely open to what we called "reality" and fairy tales stuffs are brought by merely imagining a splendid chimera. Love when you are ready to cry and be hurt. Why? Tears only fall from your eyes when your heart is captured by a bittersweet emotion called "LOVE".
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  • i love this post!

  • I agree sa last part ng post mo. Yea, only tears fall into one's eyes when one loves a person... pero ewan ko ba kung bakit kailangan ganun. hahaha!

  • wow i like the paper heart :)
    thanks for your comment..I really appreciate it :)

  • ang galing nakarelate me sobrang nice talaga natouch ako huhu ;c

  • Tumpak ka doon parekoy! When you love, expect you'll get hurt because that's what loving is all about...

  • @Yvette: Thanks for the appreciation!!

    @Sasarai: Oo, a way to express out the pain is through crying!

    @Za: You are welcome!

    @Rose: Woaah, really!? Thanks! :)

    @Jag: Yeah!! Pain is there when you LOVE

  • amen to this..lahat ng sinabi mo tama..and i soo agree, love hurts. hurting is the most obvious proof that you are really in love..^_^

  • I just want to say one thing that I learned all throughout my 18 years of existence. The beauty of love is in the giving, not in the receiving. It is not love when we expect something in return. :)

  • "sometimes love is when you experience pain deep down inside because in that incident in your life you know that you have sacrificed something for nothing"

    -- YES! I know the feeling. :( Felt SO MUCH pain after loving a person who just loved me as a friend for 3 freakin' years. Last week lang ako nagising sa katotohan.. XD

  • nice naman. when you fall in love you really take that risk of getting hurt. when someone breaks your heart, you should just move on and just think that you're only one heart break away from finding true love. :p

  • Oh! i love this post. Thanks because i learned somethin' from your words. Sometimes you need to get hurt to call it love. Love is not only about happiness but also pain.

  • awww~ love this!!

  • nice post Jhiegzh :) two thumbs up for this post.

  • @Vivian: Sweet yet painful!

    @Precious: YEah I do agree about you!

    @Charm: Last week! Wow, so fresh pa huh!

    @Sarah: One heart break away? Sana! Hahahaha

    @NOriza: Thanks for the appreciation!

    @Faith: Thank you!

    @Shiena: Im touched, thanks for liking..LOLs

  • the photo was nice! :)

    but I can't relate that much when it comes to relationship. I've never been in a serious relationship.^^/ I used to have a boyfriend but that was just so childish. My experience was not that good. A little bit bitter and now I'm having a hard time giving my trust to men who would ask a special place in my life. ^^

  • @Iway: Outz! Ouch! HaaaizT!

  • i love the second quote, may sense talaga :)
    i remember when i was in my junior year, i had a crush, then he became my bf, then we broke up, i was really hurt by the fact that he loved my friend and not me. but thats life, and im so over him. lol.

    yea, i agree, magmahal ka kung handa kanang masaktan :D

  • i so love this post! :D i like the photo! what the quote says is really true!'s purpose is not to love but to pump blood.. :))

    i also agree on the last part.. :)

  • @Cheen and Nice: Thank you sa inyu 2 for the post' appreciation!...

  • Napabilib naman ako dun sa pix..labetsomuch at wala akong maicomment sa mga sinabi mo dahil lahat e pasok na pasok!

  • hi pen.. it's been a while.. like this post.. tnan abi mkarelate...tsk.tsk.! hehe.. sure ko dghan na.igo..hehe.. keep on posting.. ^^

  • Thank you San, at last nkavisit gyud ka! Thanks kaau huh! Mingaw nako nimo!

  • Love love love... ang masalimuot na mundo ng pagibig haayzz...

    Ang sabi nila masarap umibig. Pero bakit ang sakit-sakit pag ikaw ay nabigo? Ang sakit ay parte lamang ng pag-ibig. Kailangan mong maranasan ito, upang malaman ang tunay at deeper na meaning of love.

  • I love the your post and the pic.. Can I grab it? ^^

  • @Fiel Kun: Tumpak!

    @SHamai: Sure! Thanks for appreciation! Just credit afterwards..LOls!

  • whew ive been into a lot of situations in love so i can totally relate in every line uve got in here. my personal opinion really is love when ur ready not when ur lonely... nice one here jose! ive posted the pic u got here and ur blog in my tumblr...

  • @PusangNahukay aka POY: Thanks sa appreciation!

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