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May 16, 2010 - The date that I was still in the office when a lot of my friends messaged me in my phone that I really need to go out and witness this kind of phenomenon in the sky. I do regret that I haven't observed and saw this rare occurrence, but still I was amazed when my friends shared and tagged this photo in my Facebook account. 

Yes! I am really curious why is this happening? So I tried to  research about this in the internet and have gone to this site stated "that last Sunday evening-May 16, 2010, the time when the thickening Crescent Moon shine to planet Venus's upper left. The faint orange stars near it, as twilight deepens into night are in the feet of Gemini (a constellation)."

In fact, all these celestial events in the changing sky from May 14-22, 2010 are already predicted by the astronomers. Its somehow the journey of the moon passing planet Venus in twilight.
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