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Sinulog Festival is one of the eminent festivals all over the Philippines. This major festival is annually held on the third Sunday of January in Cebu City to honor Señor Sto Niño or the child Jesus. The festival accentuates a street dance and dance rituals with participants in their bright colored costumes in the rhythm of drums, gongs, trumpets and other musical instruments shouting "Viva Pit Señor!". (To know more about Sinulog Festival, click HERE).

I can still remember way back 2007, when Pintaflores Festival of San Carlos City had joined Sinulog 2007. In the first place I have this fear to join the group because I really don't have the talent in dancing, but I have this eagerness in me that pushed me to try. And yes I auditioned and became a dancer by God's grace! I really thought that I can't make it because as you can see, I am a chubby boy way back in high school. Until now, I knew from that event in my life, God guided me and wanted me to unleash this hidden talent I have (as if I am talented. LoLs). And one thing is for sure why I joined Sinulog 2007, its because I want to praise God will all the blessings He showered upon me.

The video clip above was our group performance way back Sinulog 2007. Indeed the Pintaflores Festival ranked 4th place in the Free Interpretation Category of Sinulog 2007. And yes, its really a big achievement to us!

Imagine, being involved and have survived in a 5 kilometer street dancing started from 8:00 in the morning until 6:30 in the evening as well having our lunch on the street under the fiery rays of the sun was indeed a "memorable experience". I can't abnegate the fact that some of our group dancers collapsed in the middle of street dancing, but definitely it doesn't hindered us to continue performing our dance steps. Actually my secret why I able to survive aside from those ice and sodium chloride bequeathed by our mentors to us which has its purpose to kill our thirst while dancing, was my mind setup which only focused on one thing that "I can survive with the help of Almighty God and I am doing this to praise and glorify His name!" And in the end I truly withstood to this experience which I thought I can't.
Seeing Señor Sto. Niño carried by our Festival Queen inspired me to dance well despite with the scorching heat of the sun as well the body aches I felt. Yes, we really have this colorful costumes, which truly magnetized the sight of people. In fact, a lot of photographers complimented our costumes which were cool and attractive on their eyes. And even sometimes we got tired on the middle of street dancing still we were smiling because we were overwhelmed by those shouts and claps from the audience, signs that they were entertained seeing us performing. For your information, even we haven't got the Best in Costume award, still a lot of people really wanted to take pictures with us.
And in the end, after the long tiring street dancing and dance ritual afterwards, still we have these "smiles" painted on our faces as a sign that all those sacrifices we have made were all worth by the achievements we've brought to our city, to our school and to ourselves! 
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  • wow! congrats that you had been part of that festival! yeah, it is a great opportunity to be part of it! that's so fascinating! how you managed to survive, that you just thought of the help from God!

    yes indeed, your costumes are colorful! i love your performance! i bet you all practiced really well for that! :D

    oh, by the way,'re talented in dancing pala..hehe.. :) that's good! hope you'll develop that talent!

  • woww ! sinulog! haha. I miss joining that. though, I only joined in the halad festival2009 :D the Grupong Ignacia ^^. hihi. i love festivals. ^^

  • Woaaah! Haha! Masaya yan for sure! Never man ako nakasali sa ganyan pero feel ko yung enjoyment kahit nakakapagod yan!

  • matagal na akong hindi nakakapanood ng sinulog..madalas pa rin bang manalo ang SAN DIEGO..kasi noon ay madalas ang grupo na iyan ang manalo.....sumasali pa ba sila sa sinulog..

  • How does that compared to carnivals in Brazil?

  • Wow! looks festive!At talented ka pla hehehe...

    Di ko pa nasubukang mag-Pit Senior! hehehe...

  • kung 8am-6:30 pm ----aba--unforgettable nga yan. hehe

  • @NIce and Jhen: Thanks for the appreciation!

    @Sasarai: Oo, masaya superb kahit masakit sa katawan pero worth lahat2!

    @Arvin: WEll, minsan na lang sumasali ang SAn Diego! ^^ Camiguin, Surigao, Basak ang most nanalo! ^^

    @Boon: I don't know..I haven't seen carnivals in Brazil!

    @Jag: Really? YOu must try once..Masaya tlga!

    @Pusang Kalye: Xempre, kaya thankful ako nasurvive ko! ^^

  • we have a similiar festival here in my town. It's "Solo Batik Carnival (SBC)". Street dance, people wearing "Batik" (Javan traditional clothes), and percussion... So beautiful... I bet it is too :)

  • wow..indeed napakaganda nga ng costume!masayang sumama sa mga festival..nakakapagod but it is really worthy..^_^

  • you're from cebu pala? im leaving for cebu on saturday. dun na ako magwork. i hope i can watch sinulog next year ^_^

  • @Dee: Yes Sinulog Festival is beautiful as well!

    @Superjaid: Yes indeed! ^^

  • wow, how fun. i've never been to ANY festival before. it's nice that your town celebrates your culture. AND it must have taken an impressive amout of endurance to be able to finish dancing 5-km worth of street. kudos! ^^

  • wow! happy sinulog festival dear ^_____^

  • @Raissa: Yes its very nice! Sinulog is one of the best festivals sa Pinas!

    @Aryan: Yeah indeed! kaya nga bumawas tlga timbang ko dahil sa Sinulog..hehehe

  • wow. didn't know you can perform. naks! :D it's nice to see that you enjoyed yourselves. gusto ko pumunta ng Cebu kaso hanggang Bicol pa lang yung pinakamalayong place napuntahan ko sa Philippines.

  • @Faith: Woaah I am not from Cebu but thanks for the greetings!

    @Little Dreamer: Ah i see..ok lang yan! Soon! ^^

  • yea sinullog festival, i really wanted to go to cebu para panuorin yan ann live :) too bad walang gusto pumunta dito sa min :d

    since i was a kid sumasali ako sa mga streedance :D i love to dance ee :D pero now ayaw na :D

  • Ayos yun kung ganun! If only I had the talent and the confidence to face the audience... :P

  • Viva Seinor Sto. Niño ^_^

    Masaya sigurado yang Sinulog Festival :)

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  • @Cheen: Same here, ayoko ng sumayaw..pero wla tlga akong talent sa dancing!

    @Sasarai: Yes, indeed!

    @Fiel KUn: try ko!

  • wow may maipagmamalaki tlga ang pinoy..although ndi me nakakwatch ng gnyan in real..pero i've been present pag viva sto nino :) hehe

  • hi there! dumalaw here. nice post! i love the photos, very alive! ^_^ and know what? everytime i visit your blog, i always learn something new, and its really interesting!so yeah... :)

  • @rOSE: Wow, Viva!

    @Batanggala: Thanks superb!

  • sang beses pa lang ako nakapunta ng sinulog and that was way back 11 years aGO!! at gusto ko talaga makapunta ulit ng sinulog!!!! wohoooo. gusto ko pumunta next year!!! kakaexcite hehe

  • @Sendo: Next year? Talaga lang huh!..Hehehe, ako 3 years agO!

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