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As I was searching something in the internet, I have visited to this site which is somehow related to my new post about "birthday greetings". The site's contents were focused more on the history of the word "Happy Birthday To You!" also known us "Happy Birthday" in today's generation. Actually this is the most recognized song in the English language according to the 1998 Guinness Book of World Records and had already 18 languages-translations on its song's base lyrics. American sisters Patty Hill and Mildred J. Hill were the one who written and composed the "Good Morning to All", a song where the melody "Happy Birthday To You" was established. In fact, the combination of lyrics and melody in "Happy Birthday To You" that are sung essentially every home across the globe first appeared in print in the year 1912 and probably existed even earlier.

Eventually calendars were developed to denote time changes and other special days like birthdays which are vigorously anticipated by every individual. That's why, birthday greetings somehow give significance to the birthday celebrant on his/her special day. Birthday greetings can be in the form of a letter, wordings for birthday wishes, cards or even a gift. Whatever form it is, thoughts still count. But anyway, celebrating our birthday or not is somehow considered a part of our tradition perpetually.

P.S. The above image is my birthday greetings to my friend Poy del Valle, the birthday celebrant tomorrow.
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