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Its already a habit of I and my friends here in our place that during brownout, that's the time we usually talk about paranormal things a.k.a. ghost stories. When we say a ghost, its the soul or spirit of a deceased person, taken to be capable of appearing in visible form or otherwise manifesting itself to the living. If you will going to ask me right now, if I have seen a ghost in my entire life? Then probably my answer would be a big "NO, not yet!", because I have no experience at all seeing a ghost in real realm (face to face) but I do believe that they exist and sometimes yes! I do feel them in my own ways in the surrounding.

Last night, in the middle of our conversation with my colleagues, my buddy named "Shin" shared his story to us which ultimately somehow caught my interest. I can't tell if its true because even Shin didn't know the origin of the story he wanted to bestow with us , but somehow it talked about a past event happened in a hospital. Indeed, one thing clanged in my mind on that time was the "hospital thing" which is purely obvious, a place wherein most preternatural activities happened. Anyway, this is the translated story:dynight. She was tasked by the doctor to get something on the 5th floor in the hospital. On her way to elevator, she felt something strange but she just  While she was inside the elevator, she was accompanied by this girl who is also going to the 3rd floor on the said building. And then suddenly, the elevator opened, the nurse and the girl saw a boy running a long towards them wanting to go inside but the nurse closed the elevator immediately. The girl got curious and she interrogated the nurse.

Girl: Why did you do that? Why did you close the elevator's door?
Nurse: I knew that boy. He was one of our patients here who died yesterday. Have you seen the red tag on his wrist? Red tags are put on dead patients.

The girl raised her wrist.
Girl: Like this?

Yes, you are right! The girl is also wearing a red tag on her wrist. I just don't know, why that nurse haven't noticed it in the first place while they're both inside the elevator. But anyway, my point here in my new post is we must "be vigilant" anytime to our environment because somehow things that we really fear are already beside us. Nevertheless, I stand that there's always a reason behind why ghost appears visibly in our lives nowadays!
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