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Aiming for a clean and honest election is what urged me to join "Boto Mo Ipatrol Mo: Ako ang Simula". Yes! This is my first time to vote on National and Local Elections- a first voter indeed.

According to my source, Boto Mo Ipatrol Mo (BMPM) began in 2005. It aims the power of citizenry and to push greater transparency during election period. It is a platform that allows citizen to report on electoral process held nationwide through using the cellphones and other gadgets they have to document events they think the public should know about.

Way back 29th of July 2009, 10 o' clock in the morning when I was officially registered a "Boto Patroller" in coordination of ABS-CBN Bacolod at Talisay City COMELEC. I know, its a big responsibility in joining this movement. As a matter of fact, a "boto patroller" is a Filipino citizen journalist who volunteers to watch out and report any wrongdoings done by officials, candidates or even campaign organizers to eradicate chicaneries in the 2010 National and Local Elections. 

On that said event, I even feel great while having my thumb mark for my registration form as a sign that I am already a member of this movement. After that I wrote something on the board saying "We need change...A change that will bring us to peace...A change from worst to better!" Upon writing this words, I am really confident that even I am first voter, I will surely practice my right to vote and not to lose sight of the discernment why we need to vote, for we must be! Why? Because our vote is our voice and we should let our voice be heard by voting in election. Make sense.
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  • Huwaw boto mo patroller ka pala parekoy. Nice!!! Sayang di ako nakapunta sa isa nilang caravan dati >_<

    First time voter ka pala... ako pang second time ko nang boboto actually :)

  • kaya wag sayangin ang boto...

  • politics is in the air!!!

  • I hope things will work out for you guys over there. At the moment I know your country's been having problems with corruption. I'm guessing it's an exciting and worrying time for you all. Let your voice be heard.

  • Yeah I agree bro...thanks for dropping by! My voice will be hear of course, seems I am a first voter :)

    @Melody: Yes I agree, since election is fast approaching.

    Angelea: Yeah! We dont need too!

    Fiel Kun: Yeah I am parekoy, thats why I fear or I mean not that excited on election time, knowing that the voting process right now is somehow complicated. We just need to be careful on our shading of votes knowing erasures will make our vote into a waste!

  • wow. i can already count the days before the election.

    I can count the money pouring secretly in every corner. Ooops!

    Anyway, let's cross our fingers as we unfold a new chapter for our country.

    Let's look at the other side of the coin. Oh, i can see....hmmmm...

  • @mjomesa: Yeah! Not that excited because this automated election we had is somehow implementing NO ERASURE policy, meaning if you got a mistake of shading your vote, or you over vote, no chance at all that your vote will be counted..

  • good luck sa inyong lahat na sumali diyan..malapit na ang halalan kaya tiyak handa na kayo para diyan..

  • @Arvin: I prefer God Bless than Good Luck ^^ but anyways I am kinda prepared but not totally!...Thanks for the comment!

  • That's a very very good news. :D

  • As a first time voter for this coming May 2010 election, I am hoping too that it will lead us to a clean and peaceful process of election that may lead us to our better future.

  • @Eymi: Yeah, having a movement that aims for a clean and honest election, truly lead us to what our goal is which is to have it sooN! Preferably its a good news! PRoud to be a member! :)

    @MEgana: YEs! Thats why when I joined this movement, I encouraging the youth who are also first voters to be a Boto Patroller ;)

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