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Sometimes, adversities come unexpectedly. You cannot know what prevails for you at anytime ahead. Accidents are most likely what I meant to this. Accident is accident, no matter what! It may leave you with injuries, hurt you intensely or even death. 

Since, we already absorbed the sweltering rays of the sun on a fiery summer season, we are being magnetized to enjoy and relax for a vacation in different bodies of water, it could be beaches, oceans, rivers, pools, streams and lakes. But we must plan ahead to keep ourselves safe from having fun. Dangers could be lurking in different bodies of water that may lead to drowning accidents. 

According to the article that I have read, drowning occurs when the lungs are filled with a liquid so that the victim cannot breathe or absorb oxygen, and therefore subsequently suffocates. Though we commonly correlate death with drowning, it does not result in a fatality. Drowning survivors often suffer injuries related to lack of oxygen to the brain including loss of memory, mental disability and other permanent impairments.

But, drowning is always almost preventable. As a matter of fact it is easier to prevent drowning accidents rather than treat drowning victims. If you strictly adopt, the following steps, you can effectively safeguard yourself and your loved ones against dangerous drowning accidents:
  • Person who do not know how to swim should keep away from deep waters.
  • Never go swimming alone, especially in an open water setting.
  • Always make sure that children is well supervised by an adult when they swim.
  • Avoid swimming immediately after eating or when one is tired.
  • Don't reply on floating toys to keep you afloat.
  • Make sound judgments when engaging in water activities.
  • Never swim in places where the condition (depth and current) of the water is unknown.
  • Never swim if you are drunk or consumed mind-altering drugs.
  • Don't hesitate to shout for a "help" if you are really drowning.

To avoid brain damage and death, it is significant to restore breathing immediately to a drowning victim. Start a mouth-to-mouth resuscitation as soon as possible even before the drowning victim is out of water. If the heart stopped beating, do the cardiac massage together with the mouth-to-mouth resuscitation. It is also recommended, that adult swimmers, in particular with those with children must know how to execute CPR in case of emergency.

The bottom-line of my post, is we must practice safety all the time to avoid accidents. For I know safety is not a gadget but a state of mind.

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  • Wow, thanks for this very useful tips. Will keep it all in mind.

    Huwaw, happy first blog monthsarry XD

  • nice post. swimming is one of my hobby. but i havent been swimming since the day me and my bestfriend almost drowned because of somebody, good thing i know how to swim, i managed to save our lives. but dunno, i got scared, so i never go out swimming anymore :D

  • @ Fiel: Woaah sa MAy 15 pa akong monthsary! Naks! Sana d magsawa pra tuloy2x sa pagshare! Thanks anyways!

    @Cheen: Thanks for the appreciation...Yeah I know safety first is safety always but most probably dont be drowned by that fear. K?

  • muntik nakong malunod nung bata pa ako

    haha..pero ngayon..ako na ang liligtas sa inyo....ang dakilang ninja-nurse haha....

    paalala: wag magswimming mag isa lalo na sa lakes o wag magpasikat...hehe

  • good tips to prevent this kind of accident. though it's unexpected, at least we know some pointers on how we can avoid it. thanks for the tips.

  • wooahh.. thanks for the useful tips...

    muntik nako malunod once kasi dko alam na malalim buti may nahawakan ako kaya hindi ako natuluyan nahulog sa malalim.. i can't swim kase...

  • @Sendo: may tama ka bai, wag magpasikat kung naliligo! Kasi we dont know bka malunod hahaha!

    @CLickMarbin: Thanks for the appreciation bro! yeah! :)

    @Ishie: Ahhh, ako din eh, slight lang! Even i know how to swim a bit, pero im not that fully independent na maligo mag isa sa malalim! Woaaah

  • thanks sa info :D hehehe ako para hindi malunod magflofloat me hehe specialty ko un haha

  • @Rose: If thats your specialty, then nice! two thumbs up for you but you need also to practice safety anytime!

  • Usually, the victim of drawning are always in panic situation to the disturbances when they are in water. So the common things need to do is to find something which are floated and also to don't sake your own risk when you're not prepared to rescue somebody. Nice Topic.

  • @Navinuz: Thanks for appreciation! Keep reading! Thanks for the time :)

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