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At a circle house, there lived a family composed of the grandpa, grandma, father, mother, an 8th year old boy and his big sister. The father is an accountant in their city, the mother is a plain housewife, the grandfather is a retired army, the grandmother is a retired teacher, the 8th year old boy and his big sister are still schooling. You can really picture out the harmony and unity they've shared together. In fact, every Sundays, they're leaving for a picnic  at Tagaytay just to have bonding and relax from their busy weeks. 

Until one day the grandpa was murdered. He was found bathing with his own blood inside the house. Immediately the grandma called to the nearest Police Station to report what had happened. Right away the policemen came, together with Scene Of the Crime Operatives and National Bureau of Investigation team. Upon investigating, the grandma, the mother, the father, the 8th year old boy and his big sister were invited to the police station for explanation and further questions of the said murder. 

When they've all arrived in the police station, the detective interrogate them one by one. The father said that he was in the office on the time his grandpa was killed. The grandma said she was busy reading a book at the corner. The 8th year old boy uttered that he was still in school on that time. His big sister said that she was in her classmate's house for their project. And lastly, the mother said she was cooking in the kitchen.

After hearing the family members' explanations, If you are the detective who killed the Grandpa? Why?

Feel free to share your point of views.

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  • Waaaa!!! I hate this kind of test. I just love watching Detective Connan but I am really not good in this kind of game if it's a game! Lol! Let me guess,; The mother killed the grandpa.

    P.S. : Regarding on your comment to my blog, May chatbox po ako..Nakahiwalay lang po sya ng link. Nasa linkbar ko po yung link to my chatbox..Thanks for exchanging links..

  • @Engr.Kemm.coe: Uhm, I dont know! I will just answer the above IQ Test, soon with my very own explanation! We have different opinions! but let me ask you, why choose the mother?

    Yes nakita ko na chatbox mo! Thanks!

  • woohh its soo hard!!!! hindi ko alam ang sagot!!

  • Just have a guess Melody! :)

  • Mother? haha I hope I'm right :)

  • Whats the reason behinf iSparcle?

  • The grandma said she was busy reading a book at the corner BUT the house was said to be circle.
    Circles doesn't have any corners :D

    Answer: Grandma

  • To those who got the right answer and the exact reason, my apologies because I will not publish your comment yet here in the post. I will just reveal the answer this Saturday...

    But if you got the right answer, with no valid reason at all, I will still publish your comment!...


  • grandma killed grandpa. just a hunch. too long to explain. Why did she call anyway? normal wives, call for doctor, not police. hello, your husband's dying. Why the police? Motive: he's retired. Money.

  • Answer: Grandma killed grandpa :)

    She said she was reading a book at the corner but they live in a CIRCLE house.. it has no corner... who would believe her? :))

  • the grandma! :) she said she was busy reading a book in a corner, where in fact there's no corner in a circle! haha.. :DD i heard something like this from my friends.. ;) hope i'm right!

  • It's the Grandma. There's no corner in a circle house you know. :D

  • familiar to sakin pero sakit sa ulo hahahahaha

  • sayop imong answer MJ kay gipublish man niya hahaha

    para mapublish ung post ko...MOTHER ang sagot ko.;..alam ko na to eh..tama ang sagot ko pero inde ko lalagyan ng reason para mapublish ang comment ko niyahahaha...

    actually naeengot ako...nakalimutan ko na..pero tingin ko mother! hehe

  • @Mjomesa: speechless, can't say it but seems Ive published it then you have the point but not exactly to the right one!

    @Rose: You'll always be familiar with this. In fact I just read this IQ test from a text message and got it right!

    @Sendo: If you know, then comment bai...All comments either right or wrong will be publish here. But most probably the right answers will be publish this Saturday! hahaha. And for the wrong one, or somehow correct but not totally valid, I will just publish directly...:)

  • at least...heheheh

  • @mjomesa: Yeah I agree!...Thanks for the comment! The bottomline is you've tried!

  • grandma killed grandpa! She said she was busy reading a book at the corner, she lied because since they lived in a circle house, there's no corner in a circle.

    hmm...i posted already my comment here but why didn't it appear? (O.o)

  • granma! wala namang corner yung bahay nila, circle nga db yung house nila. meaning... nagsisinungaling si granma.

  • what's the answer?

  • @mjomesa: Tomorrow, saturday, irereveal ko na ang answer..5 lang ang nakasagot ng tama with the right reason!:)

  • Tha grandma is the answer! There's no corner in a "circle" house! ^^....Congrats sa nkasagot! wew!

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