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Courtesy of American Idol 2010

Even if I am a Filipino, I am an avid fan of American Idol. I just love to see people who really loves singing in their own originality of the song. This is the reason why I love to watch this talent show every season. Just last week, American Idol Season 9 are down into Top 4 idols namely Crystal Bowersox, Lee DeWyze, Casey James and Michael Lynche. Among these 4 idols, I've been really loved Crystal Bowersox a.k.a. Mama Sox on her powerful voice eversince on her audition at Chicago Illinois.

I got a lot of reasons why I need to support Mama Sox on her way to stardom. Basing from her Hollywood auditions until now as one of the Top 4 idols in this season, I can really see the confidence and believe in herself. In fact she is the only risk taker on the competition. She even love to bequeath surprises on her week's performances such as playing the piano, dropping her guitar, and having an acapella which indeed made the audience or even the judges amazed on her vocal range. That in the end, she even stood out more because her performance was more consistent compared to the other idols. Thus, this girl has got what it takes to overtake your very soul with her singing. I can remember when she sang "People Get Ready" which really marked this American Idol Season. Nevertheless, this proves she sang from the heart, which is one of a technique of a professional singer which is to feel the emotions of the song' lyrics. 

Even I can't vote her, still this young woman sure has my vote being the winner in this season because she is magnificent and polished artist in any ways. In fact, I always look forward for her performance every week for I know I'm just gonna love it whatever she does. Win or lose, she is already my American Idol in this season as far as I am concerned.
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