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Leaving a comment in a certain blogpost is a way to increase your page rank as well as your blog traffic. This is a tested and proven way to make your own blog having its way to stardom in the blogosphere.

But to have an effective comment, a blogger must keep in mind these two (2) things:

A blogger should explain why he agrees or disagrees on a certain blogpost. There is no minimum or maximum number of sentences required as long it is well explained. Another thing is never use words which sound insulting to the part who scribbled the post.

If you have an idea or experiences related to the blogpost, don't hesitate to share it. Sharing is somehow a way that you able to help others specially the blog readers. 

However, nice post, I agree, keep posting, I like your post are also comments but I consider those as lousy ones. Lousy in the sense that these phrases are being commented because "commentators" (blog readers) are also expecting a blog traffic in return or they're not actually reading the whole blog post which is absolutely wrong

Anyways, the image you have witnessed above is an example of an effective comment from my debatable and intriguing blogpost before entitled SEX AND LOVE at VARIANCE.
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  • I don't agree completely. I guess there are people who comment stuff like, "I like your blog" just to get foot traffic for their own site, but I'd like to believe that there are people who do that to show appreciation for what you've written. :)

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