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HEALTH TIPS: Nice having a cold drink after meals but cold solidifies oily stuff we just ate. It slows down digestion. Once this sludge reacts with the stomach acids, it breaks down and gets absorbed by the intestines faster than the solid food and coats the intestines. Very soon, this becomes fat and leads to colon cancer . It's best to take hot soup or tepid water after meals. Be a true friend and send this to people you care about.  

The text message above is already disseminating to our phones nowadays. To tell you, this is a false alarm. According to the article that I have read in the internet, that there is no scientific basis that drinking cold drinks after meals results to cancer. Besides the conclusion of the message is logically fallacious. The stomach's natural heat will bring all contents to a uniform temperature soon after eating. Even ice-cold water would not stay cold long enough inside the stomach to actually "solidify the oily stuff"

This chemical break down, along with rhythmic muscular contractions, turns all of the stomach's contents into a thick semi-liquid mass called chyme and moves it into the duodenum, the first section of the small intestine. Thus, even if cold water did solidify oily substances in the stomach contents (highly improbable), the resulting "sludge" would soon be converted into chyme and it would not enter the duodenum more rapidly than any other material. Thus, drinking cold drinks may tend to change the state of things that you have eaten, and can react with them harder to digest, which later cause indigestion but never leads to cancer
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