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If you are a toothpaste consumer of any brand, then you must read the back of your toothpaste for its ingredients. Study shows that Food and Drug Administration regulated typical toothpaste as a drug because an average tube contains enough fluoride can kill a small child. Most people are living that fluoride toothpaste prevents cavities and bad breath, when in reality it is a deadly poison.

The excessive use of fluoride can cause dental fluorosisgastric problemsallergies and organ system toxicity. It  can also damage your nervous system that may lead to cancer If you still don't know, fluoride is one of the main ingredients in making a rat poison and now in toothpaste.

As detailed below, it is clearly stated that Colgate for Kids contains fluoride and it is capable of killing all average weighing children under the age of 9 (nine):

As the dangers of fluoride unmask to the public, even the American Dental Association admits that fluoride is bad. So the bottom line here is look for a non-fluoride toothpaste with well-known ingredients and if possible disregard all the addendum such as "whitening" effect.
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