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December 21, 2010 - 10:15pm: I squinted from the glare of oncoming Christmas lights and shook my head to stay awake. I felt tired and sleepy and was questioning myself, Why I deserve a Nokia C7 this yuletide season?
I had to think. But instead of reasons, this "confession" thing played in my mind and I can't neglect it because this Nokia C7 made me reminisce something that happened just last month.  "Lord, do you really want me to be prayed over for my love for mobile phones?"

I am techie person, some of my wants in life is to have a communicating device. That's why at first I desired to just have a Nokia 1100 for texting and calling my loved ones.
"Well, that won't be difficult for someone who is receptive to new ideas. I guess you have to be on guard all the time and can't be caught unaware of things to come. You always have to be on the lookout for what is new because just when you thought technology is at its peak, there's more to come!" - Nina Ricci (Bb. Pilipinas 2000)
When my parents could afford to get one, I thought I could be content but I was wrong, for soon I wanted a Nokia C7 which is one of the latest phones of Nokia nowadays. I know its bit expensive but what I after from this mobile phone is its friendly features.

The Nokia C7 makes me easy to spend a whole lot of time checking my emails, updating my status across all my social networks and writing articles for my blog. I am also a music lover, that's why I am glad that this phone features mobile entertainment that includes making playlists for my favourite songs. Furthermore, this phone has a camera and video recorder which I can use when I am on a travel. And no doubt, this phone is far better from the Nokia 1100 bought by my parents.
And because of wanting this mobile phone, I was burdened wasting precious time thinking of ways to have it on my hand. I even thought that being rebellious was an appropriate role to force my parents to buy this stuff for me. And when I knew they won't, I experienced hotheadedness and irritation afterward, which I know is a bad act. 
After that incident, there were days when it seems as though the sky was falling and the earth was crumbling beneath my feet, I am still keeping my balance in the midst of this circumstance. Yes, I really still looking forward have this Nokia C7 on my hand without the aid of my parents. I took this as a challenge for myself.

But as days go by, I found myself wanting only the best. I don't know when it was that I realized that I was not just looking for an ordinary communicating device but I am seeking more on features to impress the people around me.

Yes! I was a mobile phone addict in every sense of the word. My foundation for doing good was my mobile phone, no longer the Lord - my weakness indeed.

But things changed drastically and I've had a taste of transformation when I joined and became a co-facilitator of Days With The Lord Movement. I reached out to this group of people and saw how content many of them with what they had, radically living simply to be one. They willingly shared their experiences, strengths and hopes with me and things got better. 

Haltingly and in a small voice, I started to "confess"  my weakness. I learned not to buy just anything that caught my fancy. From then on, I already know how to control this addiction of mine.

When I finished scribbling this post on a paper, I glanced at my Mom to see if she was asleep yet her eyes were bright while watching television. She did not feel drowsy as I did.
"Mom, is there any confession in the church during Christmas?", I asked.
"Yes, Why?", Mom uttered.
 I smiled at her as my response. 

So, as the time draws closer to the holiday season, I keep my fingers crossed to hear this phrase from Nuffnang family; "Wish granted!". 
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