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Indeed, this is the most significant event happened to me in year 2010 -  to face a tough situation yet still I handled it well because I have no regrets on what I have decided. -Jhiegzh

One of the greatest things we have is the freedom of choice. We have the ability to reason and choose what is best for us.  We climb up through the regimented system with a little optimism for a decision-making. The only constraint to make a choice is the challenge of the decision situation when you are bombarded with conditions that need a very grave and rapid decisions. And with this incident, it points out to a very common source of tension which is to face the consequences of the choice we've made.  

Being a provincial scholar as well a city scholar, is really frustrating  because I need to maintain my grades every term. And YES! I surpassed all those nosebleed examinations and time-consuming projects for I successfully passed all my academics.
But unfortunately...

It was on the 20th of January 2010, the day I resigned at Toyota Autoparts Philippines Inc., the company I am assigned to undergo my Supervised Industrial Training III. Actually to undergo this 20-week training is very important to a junior TUP-Visayas student like me because it’s the final requirement for graduation

I am assigned in RTM Die Casting Section wherein I am a machine and furnace operator. From the very start, I am really new to it, because it’s more on mechanical and automotive works, and I am an Electronics Engineering Tech student. But somehow I am thankful because I was able to learn something new. 

But as days go by, I have this strange feeling that I can’t make it because I am not feeling well every time I am in my working environment. I got breathing problems in my work, I can’t breathe normally even I wore safety gadgets like hard cap, arm bond, safety glass, safety gloves, safety shoes and ear protection for noise! I called my family through phone about it and I can feel they’re worried about me but still they encouraged me to go on and finish what I have started.

The night before my resignation, I came up to a point that I really need to pursue my training. That's why I prayed to God that whatever happens, it is His own will why I am experiencing this right now. And yes! I conquer this fear for I slept well on that night, not being so stressed about my work.

On the next day, I felt opposite what I thought that night because I felt hard again in breathing at work. This time I can’t resist it so I immediately went to my supervisor and open it up my condition. He suddenly requested me to go to the HR Office for an explanation about my condition. Actually, it was not my intention to resign but it was the only option given by the HR to me so I accepted it. So by that time I faced the consequences of my decision and that is to go back to Negros and attend a hearing for disciplinary action and worst I cannot graduate, told by my training officer.
"If you would asked me why I decided to quit and accept the resignation, all I could say was that it seemed like the best idea to me because I am already risking my health on my work."
It was on the 24th of January, when I arrived in Negros. After a month of waiting I am so happy that my training officer called me and informed me that no hearing will happen and I can pursue my training through self-endorsement.  And yes, I able to continue my training at San Carlos Telephone System - Negros Incorporated being a student-technician. And by God's grace I was able to finish my training, received my training certificate and graduated last August 2010. 

We may not be faced with exactly the same lifestyle decisions, but we do face decisions each day, some of them may be pretty tough. On my own above-mentioned experience, I clearly realized that even I can't see the purpose why God want me to be on that situation doesn't mean that it doesn't exist. This realization bequeaths me awe-inspiring hope. It reminds me that we need to fear the future only if we forget the evidence of God's leading in the past.  

 If you're in my situation, is accepting the resignation, the best decision?

"Thank you Batang Yagit for this contest and Jehzeel Laurente for sponsoring it."

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