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Now that I ended my pilgrimage through college last August 2010, I find myself reminiscing my memories I had at Technological University of the Philippines - Visayas. As I look back on my past, I realized that I do actually have this small passion that have shaped the person I am today and that is to bequeath importance to the things given by my loved ones. 

It was February 2010, when I was already at home after my sudden resignation at Toyota Autoparts Philippines. Despite of the disappointment I made my family feel of what had happened to me in Laguna, a sweet surprise was endowed by my elder brother to me and that was a pair of Havaianas slippers. 
I am so speechless because I never expect it. He reasoned out that it was his gift, a delayed gift to me when I received those certificate of recognitions from the provincial government. Even I told him that my graduation status was at stake at that time, he still supported my decision because he knew that I am already risking my health on my training. And with that I hugged him afterward as a symbol for being thankful of having an elder brother like him.

Well, that was the sweetest thing someone did for me in 2010 - a sweet surprise gift  from my elder brother despite of the disappointment I brought from Laguna to my family.

Anyways, when I stated that I am passionate of bequeathing importance to the things given by my loved ones, I am not saying that I just loved to be the "receiver" all the time. In fact it is in giving that I connect with others. My reason for giving importance to the things given to me is to let them feel that I appreciate their gifts and I will be forever thankful for them.

Like all passions, mine is not that unique because lots of people are having same passion as mine. But somehow, what I wanted is I will make use of this "passion" as a tool when finding friends. For I stand, in our journey through life can be confusing and complicated sometimes and having friends with the same passion can be helpful in those bad situations.

So, how about you? What is the sweetest thing that you did for someone / someone did for you in 2010?

P.S. Thanks to BatangYagit for the contest and CandyCorner for sponsoring the prize ^^
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