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To share your point of views on a certain hot button issue is what inspired to arrive on my own domain name, one of the blessing I received with this blogging thingy. I actually named it from the pronunciation of the word opinionated.

I am now managing a free domain blog as well as a self-hosted blog. As a newbie, I am still exploring the new environment for its quite challenging on my part. I admit I don't have that enough knowledge about this PHP and Javascript, and using FTP client which is use to upload the files in case if you encounter problems when downloading files from the server.  And  for these past few months, I also felt hard implementing themes as well plugins which frustrate me a lot. These are just some of the basics of WP, that I, myself is a must to know.

See the website here

That's why until now, my site is not that fully furnished with contents and plugins. To consider my  situation that I don't own a personal computer, I just decided to focus more on writing my posts than to be problematic on the physical view of my site. 
Hope you'll still support my new blog as what you did to my blog Something To Brood Over.
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