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Technology, a popular word bandied about so freely, and now very fashionable jargon per day. In recent years, technology has evolved very rapidly. It is now the fastest growing and advancing in our time. Today, our society enjoys its benefits. We are blessed with modern tools that can perform tasks that once seemed impossible.

On the other hand, technology itself also manipulates human influences, including governing human behavior, and in turn influence society's attitudes, traditions, cultures, etc. As you can see nowadays, we are all bounded by the different gadgets and devices we want to own someday in our lives: 
We all want to have a 3G phone with a 16G memory,

a computer with 4G processor and a 500G hard drive.

 an iPod with a 32G capacity.

PSP 3000 limited edition with 64MB of internal system memory

but in life, we only need 1G...GOD, who has a timeless warranty, an unlimited memory and whose love through eternity. 
Bottomline: We must not forget, it is assumed that the key objective of technology is to increase the value of human life through  maximizing happiness and reducing suffering!
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