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As a student, we really need to deal with subjects which really impugn us. To pass these subjects, we are in requisite to study more. Physics is somehow one of those subjects that I bestowed my utmost time in studying way back in my high school and college years. As one of the site' defined that Physics is a natural science that involves the study of matter and its motion through space-time, as well as all applicable concepts such as energy and force. More broadly, it is the general analysis of nature conducted in order to understand how the world and universe behave.

To surmount this subject, we have our own techniques to feed up all the necessary lessons in our mind specially for exam days or quiz time purposes because this subject really necessitates memorization of formulas, analysis on problems or even conversion. However, we really have this creativeness inside us which totally ease everything. This "creativeness" thing may be our tactics or methods to remember the important things that has been discussed by our teachers.

I reminisced a "sensible joke" shared by a friend of mine in our place which aided me to remember a certain conversion in Physics. The joke has a connection with those images above who are few of the famous physicists namely Sir Isaac Newton, Albert Einstein and Blaise Pascal
Here it goes:

Newton, Einstein and Pascal were playing hide and seek. Albert Einstein was the "person to seek". While Einstein was counting, Pascal went to the bathroom right away while Newton unfortunately saw a chalk on the floor. So he immediately drew a square measuring 1 meter each side by means of a steel rule he found beside it, and there he stood up as if hiding as well.

After Einstein finished counting, he right away descried Newton standing behind him.

Einstein: Hey Newton! I found you...You will be the next "person to seek".
Newton: What are you talking about? I am NOT Newton!
Einstein: Huh? Why? You are Newton. Don't fool me.
Newton: I said I am not Newton! I am Pascal!
Einstein: How you became Pascal? 
Newton: It seems I am standing here in a square measuring 1 meter each side, then its area would be 1 square meter, knowing the area of a square is (s^2). Right?
Einstein: Yes! Then what's the significance for that?
Newton: Well as we all know, "1 Newton per square meter (1N/m^2) is 1 Pascal (1Pa)" So, I am now Pascal.

Did you get it? Have you laugh? LOLs (Laugh Out Loud). I know its corny, but it does make sense. I know jokes are primarily for laughing purposes but somehow there are some instances that jokes are informative like what I have mentioned above. And because of this joke, I never forgot that conversion.

Anyway, jokes are part of that "creativeness" things that by some means it help us in our lessons. Others adopted words or phrases for quickly retrospection. But nonetheless all these things depend on your brilliance or ingenuity that in the end can be a sort of imitation to all; an imitation which indeed helped many students and professionals nowadays.
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  • HAHAHA. lols, nung una parang huh ?? whaaat ? grabe na equation un and later I was. HAHA. adik na newton. hehehe :)) weeew ! sino gumawa ng joke na yan ? okay ahh. hihi :)) craaap! I know their would be physics in my college and I'm totally dead :(( in my 4th yr, wala akong natutunan miski isa. I guess meron pero nakalimutan ko na, ung teacher kasi namin kahit anung pilit kong gustuhin sya pero hindi, kaya I never got the chance to learned anything or should I say I really never did because of hating the subject teacher. TSSSK!

  • Haha! Lols! I sense something.. You're kinda... Studious? Hehe. JK. XD

  • Hahahaha! :)) Nice one! Hindi man ako natawa pero nadali ko kasi nagets ko naman yung joke! ^_^ Anyway, well, Physics is one of the most interesting fields man could encounter, but somehow because of idleness, man tends to forget what wonders Physics could give.

  • @Jhen: Teacher is one of the factors, bakit you dont feel interested sa isang subject pero ok lang yan ah! BAsta study hard, and PARTY harder..Joke!

    Binkaaa: Slight..Kinda..hahaha, I dont know! ^^

    @Sasarai: Yes indeed! ^^

  • Haha, masakit sa ulo yung mga equation ek ek ni Newton pero nakakatawa naman XD

  • Haha ang talino talaga ni Newton Pilosopo!:))hihi..thx po sa sharing:)

  • haha kht pala cla nagjojoke time din :) hahaha!

  • mahirap sa akin ang subject na physics,hehe..lalo at madalas magloko ang calculator ko..

  • kaya pala noon sa subject na physics dahil mahirap kapag exam na ay madalas hiramin ang calculator ng isa kong classmate..parang pinapasa pasa ang calculator..iyon pala ay dahil ang calculator ay puwede maka save ng mga letra o ano na may kaugnayan sa physics..ginagamit pala pag cheat..

  • hehe..nice n creative way of teaching


  • grabeh---whwn i was high scool hate na hate ko talaga ang physics(the hardest subject for me).

  • @Fiel: Natawa ka dun? ^^ hahaha

    @Cheska: YOu are welcome!

    @Rose: kaw tlga!

    @Arvin: Yeah!...Pde ka kasave sa Physics mo pero mga numbers at letters lang!

    @Cheqna: tHANK yoU for appreciation!

    @Melody: Naks, really.. Slight lang! ^^

  • napa-smile naman ako dun. although mukhang hindi naman nagets ni Newton ang point of the game, dahil hindi siya nagtago, nagpanggap lang siyang ibang tao.

  • while I was reading your post, I felt like I'm into physics class again!hahah! Oh well, this post is very informative. :) the joke? it's funny. ^^/ crazy Newton!nyahahah! I liked it! :)

  • @Iway: Thanks!

    @Aryan: Uu nga! Yan tlga maglaro ang mga genius/..Hehe

  • Physics was the subject I scored well in high school; I just love the quantitative approach used in the subject.

    My fellow school mates lamented the toughness of physics but it is not scary once a correct approach is used to understand the subject. There're many memorization of formulas involved but they're no longer a pain once you understand the principle behind it that makes sense.

    I haven't heard of the joke, but it certainly helps!

  • hahaha..this is a great joke! :D it made me laugh and at the same time i learned something! :) thanks for sharing! :D

  • nakaka nose bleed TT__TT pero jjang Newton is so funny! kekeke~ pascal xD Sensible Joke nga!

  • hehe...kinda awkward and funny at the same time.If you have know idea about science,you wouldnt really laugh at this xD

  • @Boon: Thanks!

    @Nice: Sure!

    @Faith: Yeah indeed!

    @Nick: Of course even me I didn't laugh when my friend shared this to me!

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